A New Home for Sky

We changed Lilah’s name to Sky due to her sky blue eye, she is a Boxer/Husky mix and has been part of our family for nine months now. Although probably a pup when we got her, she was crate trained, house trained, and sitting on command. She is very smart, from the day we brought her home the surprises haven’t stopped. She likes the blow dryer on her face when I’m getting ready in the morning. She knows how to turn on the tap in the bathroom sink and how to put the windows down in the car (praise God for lockout switches!) This dog is fast. She zips around the yard like a gazelle; I had to clip an L.E.D. safety light to her collar just to keep track of her at night.

Canine Lifeline makes adoption easy, the application targets the right type of dog for your home and lifestyle. Adoption counselors are on site at PETCO adoption events where you can observe a dog’s personality and how they interact with others. Thanks again Canine Lifeline and thank you so much Barb!

Kimberly, Eric and Sky