A year in the life of Jedd (as told by Jedd)

Jeddsmile1Hi Canine Lifeline friends!

It’s me, Jedd! I’ve been living at my home in the suburbs of Chicago now for a year this Sunday and WOW has it been a fun one! Last year my family came to pick me up in Ohio and brought my new sister, JoJo, along with to meet me. Let me tell you, it was an uncomfortable ride home because JoJo kept giving me dirty looks from the front seat, so I sat patiently in the back for 6 hours knowing it would be worth the long trip. Mom kept telling me how good of a boy I was being and that JoJo and I were going to be the best of friends, (I was thinking otherwise).

Once we got home, they showed me my new house, big fenced in yard, lots of toys, and comfy bed and crate. Little did they know I don’t like being in a crate, so I let them know by crying all night long. That was the last night ever of being in a crate. Lucky me gets to sleep wherever I want now!

Over the past year, I have had many adventures. When Mom and Dad adopted me, they new I had been a stray livin’ the hard knock life on the streets. What they didn’t know is that I was once also a hunter. Last summer, a skunk got into my yard, and the rest of the story is kind of a blur. All I remember is Mom giving me about 10 baths that night and it being kind of stinky outside. I overheard Dad telling Mom when he got home that I had actually killed the stinky skunk and it was dead in the backyard. Oops. Well about a week later history repeated itself and I got about 10 more baths and there was another victim in the yard. Those skunks need to stay out of my yard! Since then, I’ve been nicknamed “Jedd the Hunter”. I can’t help it that I’m so fast and stealthy when it comes down to protecting my house!

JeddPolRight after Christmas I got a new sister named Polly. She looks just like me except for that she’s black and white (and kind of chunky). She even has the same floppy ear as me! She was rescued from Indiana and since the day she came home we’ve been inseparable. I like her much better than my other sister, JoJo, because she likes to play as much as I do. JoJo likes to pretend she’s the queen of the house, so Polly and I just let her think that.
Last month I had a heartworm test to make sure I’m still heartworm negative, (I was treated for heartworms at Canine Lifeline, so I was very nervous about the results). Guess what??!! I’m still heartworm FREE!! WOO HOOOO!! My Vet, Dr. Christine, also said I’m a very healthy boy and had nothing bad to say about me, (my sister’s reports always say to lose a few pounds). I get lots of exercise in my big yard so it’s good to know all my running around keeps me in shape.

Well, time to get going. I’ve got to tend to the baby bunnies in the backyard. Mom has to keep an extra close eye on me because I’ve become obsessed with watching them in their nest. Afterwards, I’ll probably take a nice long nap and snore the day away. I have to save up lots of energy for the party I’m helping to host for the Chicago Blackhawks game this Saturday, I hope everyone at Canine Lifeline is doing well and all the dogs there get another chance at a great life like I did. We all deserve the best, and I’m happy and lucky to say my life couldn’t be more fabulous.

Jedd Skinner aka “The Hunter”