Astro the Wonder Dog

AstroAstro (AKA Bentley) adopted us 1 year ago and a wonderful year it has been. Always the happy guy, he loves to give kisses and cuddles just as much as he loves to receive belly and ear scratches. He loves car rides, cheese, and long walks anywhere. He’s just an all-around happy guy who loves his people and lets us know every day.

Astro is a wonderful traveler and gets to go places often because of his fantastic temperament. He’s very well mannered in hotel rooms and doesn’t do much barking- although his favorite pastime is jumping on the beds. We take him to weekend dart tournaments with us and without fail, there is a knock on our door every morning with someone who wants to play with him before the day’s events begin. We get in trouble now when we don’t bring him :-) He’s amazing on long car rides, and his favorite part is stopping in rest areas so he can jump on picnic tables.

hard day of playing I can’t begin to tell you how many smiles Astro has brought to our lives. He’s such a happy guy and loves to share his happiness. Thank you so much Canine Lifeline for saving this little guy from death row and heartworm disease. I knew when it was time for us to adopt, the right kid would find us- and he most certainly did. Thanks to all the wonderful work you do, Astro will have many happy years to chase birds and squirrels or curl up in from of the window for a nap in the sun.
Thank you again for all that you do!