Astro’s Happy Tail!

Little one and Astro relaxing on the couchWe adopted Astro about two months ago and he fit in right to our family, it feels like he was always supposed to be with us!

He is great with the little one, whenever she relaxes on the couch he is right with her. When they are at the park he loves to let her chase him, it’s almost like they are playing tag! His other favorite is to fetch his frisbee, he is such a quick learner!

Denver and Astro at the parkHe really is a wonderful dog and has made us so happy, and we are so glad that groups like Canine Lifeline are helping dogs like Astro get a second chance at love and a forever home.

Everyone that meets him falls in love with him, and says how sweet he is and how funny he is. He really is the best dog and we wanted everyone to know how happy he has made our family.