Charlie, Renaissance Dog of Mystery

Digital CameraHi,

In October, Charlie adopted me. His shelter name was Archie, but we changed that by mutual agreement.

Charlie is a dog who is the total package. He is sweet-natured, loving, and smart with impeccable manners. He is a Renaissance Dog because he cooks, cleans, knits, writes poetry, plays the piano, and speaks fluent French. Currently, he is knitting me a sweater and preparing surf and turf for dinner.

He is a Dog of Mystery because he often goes undercover(s), and is an excellent escape artist. He is believed to be a jewel thief because there have been items missing, which are later unearthed elsewhere. He says it isn’t him, hence the mystery. Plus he buries bones in the yard and the house, which are so cleverly hidden, only a blind cat would not be able to find them. Of course if the blind cat were interested in finding bones, it would be a totally different story.

Charlie has me in doggy class so that I can be trained properly. He’s very patient with my attempts and only rolls his eyes every once in awhile.

Thank you Canine Lifeline for my wonderful new dog!