Gabe Unleashed

Gabe (formerly Sherlock) charms people everywhere we go with his lake blue eyes and Charmin soft fur. But it’s what’s inside that counts and Gabe is gentle, calm, affectionate, and smart. Gabe loves his off leash time in local PA gamelands where he herds invisible sheep at high velocities and excavates chipmunk burrows as though he is digging his way to China. Gabe’s boundless energy makes Katey (3 yr old Sheltie cross) and River (5 yr old Lab/Retriever cross), his 2 adopted siblings, look old. Gabe also has a soft, reflective side and he is the best “I just want to be with you” buddy ever. It’s hard now to remember what life BG (Before Gabe) was like! We are all wondering how we ever got along without him!