Happy Tails

We love hearing about our former Canine Lifeline kids! Below are stories from some of our previous adopters. If you would like to submit your Canine Lifeline adoption story, then please visit the "Submit A Happy Tail" section of our website.


Ben & Blossom

We noticed Ben and Blossom ( formerly Stacy and Sloan ) together at an event and when we learned they were litter mates it definitely caught our attention. Our hopes were that they would be adopted together. Soon after we decided to adopt Ben and Blossom and since it’s been a blast! They are a joy to have and they truly are best friends. They sleep and play together and of course love the rest of our pack! Thank you Canine Lifeline for allowing us to add this dynamic duo to our happy family!


Up & Coming

imageWe adopted Axel (aka Ozzie) in January. He was very frightened and timid upon coming to our home. He has been here going on 3 weeks and is slowly starting to acclamate and trust. We are very happy with the progress he is making. He is housebroken, let’s us know when, and has learned where to go. He remains wary and retreats to his crate a lot. When he does comes out he is very affectionate and allows petting which he enjoys.

More later


Furry Step Brothers!

I moved into my first house with my first rescue dog Frasier in December. We had a lot more space and Frasier was lonely during the day and howled the most pathetic howl every day as I left for work. I have always wanted to find him a buddy to help with his separation anxiety and knew this would be the perfect time. I found out about Canine Lifeline by a random Google search and started looking at all the amazing dogs on the lists of available dogs. I picked 3 that I thought would match up perfect and scheduled the meet and greet. Frasier is such an easy going dog that I didn’t know how it would go and the three dogs I looked at were great and it was making the decision very difficult, but then the ladies asked me to look at one more dog and it was Bingo. I saw Frasier start to play with the much younger dog like he was a puppy himself and I just knew they would be battling brothers! The lonely howl is now replaced by play growls and romping. Their relationship is one of a comedy sitcom where the younger brother wants to play to the point of annoyance, but always ends with them being buddies. These pictures tell the whole story of Frasier and Ringo. (Had to change the name!)


What’s in a name?

My husband & I, along with our now 7 year old black lab certified therapy dog, Griff, welcomed Gracie, a Gr. Pyrenees/Lab mix into our family May 26, 2013. Gracie was about 1 year old at the time we adopted her. I had mentioned to my husband I hoped to train another therapy dog for visitations, & would like her name to be “Grace” or “Gracie”. The day I saw her beautiful face & brown eyes with the name “Gracie” on the Canine Lifeline website, I felt she was the “one”.

In a year’s time, Gracie & I have completed Basic, Intermediate, Intermediate 2, Intermediate Advanced, & Advanced Traveling Obedience classes. Our class instructor believes Gracie is ready for the Therapy Obedience class next spring. To be honest, it took about six months for Gracie to settle in. Now she acts likes she’s always been a part of our family &
her tail regularly wags with joy.


Three Years Already?!!

Rudy is having a blast! He just graduated from training in this picture. Rudy is making friends and can be very talkative! I love my little lap dog.