Happy Tails

We love hearing about our former Canine Lifeline kids! Below are stories from some of our previous adopters. If you would like to submit your Canine Lifeline adoption story, then please visit the "Submit A Happy Tail" section of our website.


Where did the time go?

On March 30th, we celebrate our first year with Mylo and Moxie. What a year it has been! There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t comment how lucky WE are to find such great pups. We get so many compliments when we go for a walk. They have a spirit about them that one can’t help but fall in love with them. Moxie enjoys walks in the woods (she never seems to tire), chasing most anything smaller than she is and cuddling. Mylo enjoys walks in the woods, long petting sessions and good long naps. They are still inseparable, but they’ve let us share in their lives; a joy for us that is endless!


Jimmy is Home!!!

We adopted Jimmy last May and couldn’t be happier. He has been a great addition to our home. He gets at least 3 walks a day and enjoys going to two different dog parks to meet up with his pals. Although he is still a little shy when meeting new people, he has no problems meeting new furry friends. He even enjoys snuggling with Kiki, our 3-year-old kitty! Thank you, Canine Lifeline, for rescuing Jimmy from a terrible hoarding home. He has been a joy!!!


Happy Holidays from the 3 Wise Dogs

3-Wise-Dogs-webGabe, formerly “Sherlock” is on the right, a wonderful Australian Shepherd Cross who came home to the Smart household from Canine Lifeline Rescue in March of 2013. Now Gabe is enjoying game land hikes, long walks through, play time in the yard, and snuggles along with his sisters, River & Katey. Gabe is a cuddly bundle of love, affection, & joy! Many thanks to Barb and all the other volunteers at Canine Lifeline who give so generously of their time and hearts to help save so many wonderful dogs! May the 2014 New Year bring all of you bright and bountiful blessings, and many welcoming homes for many more dogs!


Sweet,Sweet Nila

It is one year ago today that I brought my sweet Nila (aka Freida) Home. That was just two weeks after I lost my Chow/Shepard mix Harley. Nila helped me get through that very sad peroid. Nila is such a good girl and very loving. No matter who comes over she is so happy to see them and brings them all her toys. Nila house trained easily and trained on her three acrer invisible fence in four days. She loves chasing squirrels and deer. She loves the snow and races around the yard every time there is fresh snow. One of Nila’s favorite places to sleep is in front of our wood burner after that run in the snow. Some of my friends that have lost a fur baby tell me they will wait a year and then get another dog, I tell them don’t wait, you will heal a lot faster with the patter of paws in the house. Thank you Canine Lifeline for recusing her, she is my treasure!


Happy Carlie!

Dear Canine Lifeline,

It’s been almost a year since we have added an addition to our family. We adopted Carlie, a 3 year old lab mix a few days after Christmas last year. This was our first experience adopting a rescued dog and Canine Lifeline made it easy and we were able to find a good fit. Carlie has a golden retriever sister named Rosie and they absolutely love each other!!! Carlie is healthy, happy, and living the good life! She brings an exuberant energy to our family and we can’t imagine life without her! We wish all dogs could be this lucky!

Thank you!