Happy Tails

One Happy Dog

Chopper is awesome dog and is doing great! He enjoys taking us for walks, playing tug-of-war, camping and going on adventures in the car. Enjoying naps on the couch, tummy rubs and giving kisses are some of his favorite activities. He has learned several new tricks as well. He has made many new friends; both people and animals. Chopper has been a blessing in many ways both to me and my family.

Big Heart

I adopted Sam this fall and he is a wonderful addition to the family. My other canine rescue Sophie enjoys games of keep-away with her new brother and they relish in games of fetch. Sam is a sweetheart, big-time snuggler, and spends his days, when not going for walks and playing with toys, laying under my desk with Sophie while I work. I’m so thankful to Canine Lifeline for giving Sam a chance and I’m so glad Sam decided to keep us!

Crazy for Catahoulas!

We took Max, now called Edison, home a little over 2 weeks ago and he has stolen our hearts! He has such a sweet calm disposition. He knows no strangers, human or canine. He’s loving making new pals at doggy daycare and soaks in all the snuggles he can get from everyone he meets. Edison has made our family complete and filled us with joy. Thank you Canine Lifeline for helping guide this pup into our home.

From shelter pup to family fur-baby

We adopted Jet (formerly Silas) in December 2016. He’s our first rescue/male dog/large breed and we didn’t know what to expect…. Turns out he’s just the best, happiest, sweetest boy! Jet absolutely loves running around his fenced in backyard (his favorite thing is playing in the snow), stretching out on the couch, and playing tug-o-war with his ‘big’ Cavachon sister, Sunny. It took him a few months to come out of his shell, and I think he’ll always be a sensitive guy, but he’s really come into his own. Don’t let his 60 pound retriever/border mix frame fool you, he’s a gentle giant who just wants love and to listen. Jet showed us what our family was missing, and we’re so lucky to have him.

Perfect match!

We adopted “Tug” from Canine Lifeline back in April and he is perfect!!!! He has a sister named Darla and they are joined at the hip. We’re so over the moon about Tug and are so happy he came into our lives. Thank you so much!!!!

We Hit The Jackpot!

We hit the jackpot with Leigh now known as Ruby. She is such a cutie a real sweetheart. We love her! She’s a very affectionate, loving, friendly, well behaved dog. She made herself right at home from day one. It was like she had always lived with us. We couldn’t ask for more. Oh and did I mention her bobtail wags 24/7.
Thank You Canine Lifeline

Misty Girl!

IMG_0012-2Just wanted to give you a quick update on the “love of my life”– Misty. We adopted her in 2011 and she has brought nothing but joy to all of us.

Here’s a picture when we took on vacation with us.

Joanne Mohline

Our princess Kira

20292769_10213996324161385_6415195148383061128_nThank you for all you do in rescuing our precious pooches. You have restored the happy in our home with the adoption of our loveable “Kira”. She is an Aussie Shep mix and is so very sweet and well behaved. She goes to Doggy Day Care twice a week and loves to cuddle with our whole family constantly. These angels know their lives have been saved!

Thank you for bringing us together !
Laura, Larry, Larry 3 & Kira Scullin

Shortstop found his forever home!!!

I just thought I would keep you updated on Shortstop (3 year old Corgi/Bassett mix) who we took home 7/29. We knew the time we saw his little face that he was coming home with us. He was timid and nervous in the car but as soon as we hit the front door-he knew he was home. During the day he enjoyed the yard and the attention but wasn’t very interested in the many toys that were awaiting his arrival. He didn’t want anything to do with them so we thought maybe he never had toys, not knowing his past. Anyways, by evening he was tossing the ball up in the air and prancing around. At that moment, we knew he was a keeper and Shortstop a.k.a Shorty is a perfect name for this little guy. He seems to be completely housebroken, which is a blessing ,and he loves taking walks around the neighborhood. and hogging the bed. Just once we heard him howl in the yard which is adorable but that was just the one time. We have eased him into short car rides and meeting new friends. We just went for a walk at a local parkway and to a pet store to buy more sturdier toys for him. Shortstop has no food, toy, or people aggression. We are lucky to have him as part of our family as he is so lovable and seems like that is all he wants is to be loved. We wanted to thank you for rescuing him from the high kill shelter and caring for him until we met him and are going to give him his forever home. I can’t imagine our lives without him and so happy he found his forever home!!!

Sammy is a nut, fits right in the pack

Here is Sam (black & tan Chi Min Pin cross) with his partner in crime Rocky (chiweenie), they love playing tag, walks, dog park. Sam is a little Diva and pouts like a child if he doesn’t get his way. He makes me laugh every day!

Fits like a glove – little Sammy

Little Sammy fit right in with my other two dogs, two cats, and elderly dad, it been a couple of weeks but it seems like a lifetime, I try to adopt older dogs, he is almost 7. They have such great manners and none of the puppy hyper energy!❤️?❤️They are so grateful because they usually had a home before! Sammy is the black chihuahua, Penny & Rock are rescued also!

Dharma- Now Pepper

Pepper is doing great! She was very shy getting used to her new home and surroundings. But she is coming around and found her spot on the couch! She LOVES her walks and try’s to make you go on a lot more, haha. She is a love bug and a perfect fit!

Montie & Winston

We adopted Winston in Dec. 2016; hard to believe its been almost 6 months already. We were going to change his name, but after witnessing his lazy personality and friendly old man behavior we thought Winston was just perfect.

He was a little slow to warm up to his sister but now the 2 are inseparable. They sleep on beds right next to each other every night, and when Winston isn’t asleep (which is often) he is wrestling and playing with his little sister Montie. They enjoy their long walks together every morning and keep each other company all day when mom and dad are at work.

He has been such a sweetheart, and is a true ham: you can’t pet him without him leaning into you with all his weight. He wants to make sure you hit all the good scratch spots.

We are still working on a few quirks, but he has been a tremendous dog and a great companion to our 1 year old Berner. So happy to have him.

Fozzy and Katie go camping

We were rescued by Fozzy and Katie after our beloved Bear passed away . We go camping each Memorial Day weekend and Katie and Fozzy really enjoyed the outing. Lazy days laying by the pond, campfires and cookouts with lots of special love and walks. These two even enjoyed lounging by the kids while they fished, and Fozzy even took a little swim :) We love these two so much!!!

Perfect fit!

We adopted Emmy about 10 months ago and she is doing great! She loves to play with her sisters, go for walks and and sleep on the couch ? Thank you for all of the work you do and for giving these animals a second chance. Sincerely, Kim Simpkins

Meara: from shy and timid to happy forever home

Meara was very shy and timid when we first met her almost three weeks ago. When we brought her home she lounged around and it took her a few days to feel comfortable with us and our other dog, Molly. Now, she greets us at the door along with Molly and they both have their tails wagging away. She is definitely a spunky, adorable dog and we are so happy to have her in our family!

This was meant to be

Ollie, AKA “Orson” was rescued by Canine Lifeline from Grant County Animal Shelter in Grant County, KY in the spring of 2013. We just lost our cock-a-poo (Zoe) and our 20 year old calico kitty (Pumpkin) within two weeks of each other. My husband and I were dropping off our daughter at Panera in Crestview Hills, where we came across a caravan of 8-10 transport cars, trucks, vans, dogs and people! Ollie was loaded up in his crate on the way to Canine Lifeline! My husband Howard asked to see him, we fell in love!! We inquired as to where he was going, filed our app and in a couple of weeks, drove to Cleveland to pick him up! It just so happened that my Aunts birthday party was that weekend in Cleveland, Ollie was allowed to attend and he was showered with love!!
Another crazy aside, on Sunday morning, I drove with Ollie directly to my daughter’s soccer game in Dayton. One of her team mates Mother asked me if this was Orson!! Coincidentally, she was a volunteer with the transport group and had housed him overnight on Friday night before being transported on Saturday from Crestview Hills! Wow!

It took him about 6 months to reveal his true loving nature and come out of his depression. He had horrible crate anxiety as well. You just never know the extent of the damage, every day is a learning experience with a rescue dog.

Today, Ollie and Simon (resident cockapoo, aka Biggie and Smalls), are best friends and we couldn’t imagine our lives without them. As a result of my experience with CL, I now transport, foster and volunteer at events for a local group called S.A.A.P.. I now know first hand, the dedication, frustration and hard work it takes to be involved rescue. The rewards are great, thanks to all who contribute!

Gabe the “swishing” dog!

I adopted Gabe (formerly Sherlock) at the end of March, in 2013; hard to believe that was 4 years ago now! People remark about Gabe’s blue eyes, but I adopted Gabe because when I was walking him outside the Petco, he trotted up to a man & his son, who both squatted down on their heels, & Gabe immediately licked their face & wagged his tail, which made them both break into huge grins; so I adopted Gabe because I could see that he loved people & that he loved making people smile; his blue eyes just came as part of the package, kind of like getting a moon roof or heated front seats w/the car you just bought. Gabe loves romps in local gamelands, in western PA; he especially loves to “swish” his rump in the cold creeks after running hard along the trail. I love Gabe so much & I am so thankful that Canine Lifeline rescued him & let me adopt him!

We are so happy we met Matilda

We adopted Matilda last July (we renamed her Phoebe). She is such a great addition to our home. She is now living a very comfortable life where she and her “brother” get first choice in seating in the house. I am glad there are places like canine lifeline around so pets came find their perfect home.

Sasha a.k.a. Emma

As 2017 races by us we reflect on how nine months ago, we met a sweet little 1yr black and white Border Collie/Labrador mix named Sasha, who would become known as Emma. From that first day we met her at Longwood Park in Macedonia, OH when she wouldn’t get in our car to go home to just this past weekend when she took her first swim in Lake Erie, these past nine months have been filled with struggles, learning moments for us all, but most importantly a happy, loving pup. She enjoys her endless mountain of toys, her favorites being a stuffed Yoda and an extremely squeaky pink flamingo. She enjoys her nightly Beggin’ Strips, cuddles with mommy and daddy and smacking her tail against everything in the morning to wake us up for her morning tinkle. To say that Emma has been a blessing is a tremendous understatement. She’s a perfect puppy, well mannered and extremely affectionate. We can’t thank Canine Lifeline enough for bringing this little fur baby into our lives and we look forward to more updates in the future on Emma and hopefully a little brother or sister.

Jack’s Pack

Jack is the newest member of the Krueger family pack! He enjoys daily walks, running around the yard with his brothers, and snuggling with his parents. He just wants to love and play! Thank you, Canine Lifeline!

Our Surrey

SurreyWe came to see about Canine Rescue in Macadonia. Low and behold the one dog we had mentioned to Barb and Darlene was up for a meet and greet. So when we got there, she took my breath away. So shy and gentle what a beauty. Now it has been 1 month since we took her home on that day. We are so glad she came into our lifes, I truly think she rescued us. Love, love, love this girl Thank you so much for helping us find her and her finding us.
Lori and John

Harvey’s first anniversary

Harvey relaxing after a long hikeToday is Harvey’s first anniversary of his forever home and I am so grateful it’s with me. Here he is relaxing after we went on 2 hikes as part of the Summit MetroParks Fall Hiking Spree. Relaxing and going for walks are what he does best!

My constant and loving companion

Snowy (formerly Princess) loves snuggling on the couch, going for walks, playing – endlessly – with her pals at doggie daycare. She’s still skittish around strangers, but getting more comfortable incrementally. She is SO chill in the mornings – loves to sleep in, and sometimes that’s very welcome!

She and her feline sister Abigail get along quite well.

She has filled out and plumped up her gorgeous coat – a happy and healthy girl!


SophieSophie is doing really well, loves her 4 girls. Very protective of them. She comes to grandmas house on the weekends and gets to run off some energy, gets to play with the 3 other dogs that I have. Very loving thinks she is a lap dog, lol that weighs 80 pounds!!! She was a little shy and timid at first but totally loves her family now. Only issue she has is if the door opens, she’s a runner… She always comes back in a few minutes but we are trying to teach her to stay in the yard!!! All in all we are really happy to have her in our family!!! Beautiful big baby!!! Thank you

Paying love forward

Our family adopted Fozzy and Katie two weeks and a day after we lost our German Shepherd Bear. Bear was an amazing member of our family and in his honor we decided to do what we felt his last wishes would have been: to pay forward the love we shared, to give his bed to a scared stray, and his toys to a dog who didn’t know fun. We fell in love with Fozzy who has Bear’s eyes and Katie adopted us! Both Katie and Fozzy have helped heal our hearts and brought happy wagging tails back into our home. We are so blessed to be loved by these two babies!

Slim the beagle

We adopted Slim in October 2013, and have had him just over 3 years. He’s been a WONDERFUL dog. He loves to run, play, chase anything that moves, give hundreds of kisses, jump with joy (higher than any beagle we’ve ever had!), and has never met a person or dog he doesn’t like. We also discovered he loves to swim in Lake Erie, chasing seagulls, ducks, and meeting new people on the beach. All of our previous beagles hated to get wet! We can’t imagine life without Slim!

Adam’s first day home

I adopted Harvey from Canine Lifeline in January and today he got a brother, Adam. They are getting to know each other by sharing and taking turns with toys. Harvey is patiently waiting his turn (image 1). Adam is making himself at home (image 2). Thank you for these 2 sweet boys!


Edzo & Payton - August 2016We adopted Payton on August 7, 2016 and are so happy! She has fit right into our home, like she was meant to be here. Our 12-year old Shepherd-mix loves her, and we’ve started noticing instead of laying under the dining room table when we’re gone, he now lays right outside her crate. That’s where we find him when we come home. She loves to play, cuddle and of course….EAT! She’s sweet and has been a most-welcome addition to our family.

Konan and Melody – Loving Life!

Here are Konan and Melody, both from Canine Lifeline. I got Konan last August and Melody the following March so Konan would have a friend. As you can see, they love laying around and running in the backyard. Konan is the laid back one, and moseys around, while Melody likes to sprint around. It’s so fun to watch them. Their favorite things are giving kisses, getting cuddles, playing in the yard, and sleeping on their couch (formerly my couch). They are very happy being with their Mom and Dad now. We might get a third to “round out” the pack!

Bobo, now Baxter!

We’ve had Baxter for about six months now and it feels like he’s always been a part of our family. He’s an absolute love to his people and his brother dog and sister cat. He brings us so much joy on a daily basis and we can’t imagine a better fit for us. Thank you Canine Lifeline!

Home at last

Maddy loves to playMaddy (formerly Cinna) and I met at the end of April 2015, at the Petco in Macedonia. It was not love at first sight, at least on my part. For the past 22 years, I had been a pet parent to 2 wonderful Golden Retrievers. My last Golden and I were a therapy team for 5 years, visiting hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and libraries. I missed my “Golden girls” so much. But over the last few years, the arthritis in my knees has gotten quite bad, and sadly I knew I could no longer handle a large dog, after my last Golden passed away.. I applied to Canine Lifeline, and the very next day, a wonderful volunteer called, and told me about an adoption event at Petco that Sunday, where I met Cinna. She was very playful and loving. A female black lab mix of about 38 pounds – “lab lite” if you will. I took her home, thinking it was going to be a 2 week trial period, at best. But after I got Cinna/Maddy in the back seat of my car, she began to lick my neck. I almost cried. That was when I knew she was the dog for me. And yes, she still loves to give kisses. In fact, at the Canine Lifeline Reunion picnic last year, Maddy won the “Best Kisser” award!

Charlie, Renaissance Dog of Mystery

Digital CameraHi,

In October, Charlie adopted me. His shelter name was Archie, but we changed that by mutual agreement.

Charlie is a dog who is the total package. He is sweet-natured, loving, and smart with impeccable manners. He is a Renaissance Dog because he cooks, cleans, knits, writes poetry, plays the piano, and speaks fluent French. Currently, he is knitting me a sweater and preparing surf and turf for dinner.

He is a Dog of Mystery because he often goes undercover(s), and is an excellent escape artist. He is believed to be a jewel thief because there have been items missing, which are later unearthed elsewhere. He says it isn’t him, hence the mystery. Plus he buries bones in the yard and the house, which are so cleverly hidden, only a blind cat would not be able to find them. Of course if the blind cat were interested in finding bones, it would be a totally different story.

Charlie has me in doggy class so that I can be trained properly. He’s very patient with my attempts and only rolls his eyes every once in awhile.

Thank you Canine Lifeline for my wonderful new dog!

Abby and Ginger – Fur Pals

abby-and-gingerWe adopted Abby (on the left) almost 3 years ago from Canine Lifeline. During that time she has come a long way, but never showed much interest in playing with dogs. She’s very timid. We thought adopting another canine companion with a sweet disposition would help Abby. That’s where Ginger (aka Storm) who we also adopted from Canine Lifeline comes into the picture. It has been three weeks and the two are becoming pals! Truly amazing. Thank you Canine Lifeline!!!


Irving Von Ruffy (formerly just Ruffy) was adopted back in 2012 as a 6 month old pup that had a super high energy level. He and I both needed a little bit of training in order to make sure that it was a happy home, but with a bit of work, we turned out to be the best of friends and totally inseparable! Irving loves to take me for walks and runs. Last year, we logged over 900 miles together. We’ll run anywhere from 2 to 6 miles together at a time. Most of the time, keeping a 7:30/mi or better pace! When the weather gets cold or damp, the treadmill gets some miles from the both of us even.

Irving has taught me more about life and caring more than I think that I could have ever learned on my own. He truly is my best friend and has gotten me involved with a number of activities that I may not have done otherwise. We are happy guys!

Harleigh is 3!

Our lovely goofball Harleigh is celebrating her third birthday today after spending her third Christmas with us, o happy we found Harleigh, we may now be looking to add to the family.

Charlie saved the day!

We adopted Charlie on July 8, 2015. We had been kicking around the idea of adopting a dog for years, but the timing was never right, and we wanted to be able to dedicate as much time as possible to our friend. Jen’s friends, Amanda and Steve, adopted both of their dogs from Canine Lifeline, so we knew it was an organization we could trust. We combed through all the dogs’ pictures and attended an adoption event at the Macedonia PetCo. There were three dogs we had picked out and wanted to see, but to our disappointment, the dogs just didn’t “fit” us. My friend Tonya had told me, you don’t pick the dog, the dog picks you. Then, we laid our eyes on “Herman” who had just been retrieved from a kill shelter in Kentucky. He was just a little thing, about 13 pounds, and a mix of a Beagle and what I could only guess was a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. Our hearts melted and we were hooked, and asked to adopt him that day!

He didn’t seem like a “Herman” to us, so he was renamed Charlie, and he has been bringing us constant joy since that day. Charlie has a wonderful demeanor, is good with other dogs and kids/babies, and has acclimated quite nicely to our home, and the homes of our families and friends. He has won over everyone in our life and has helped us through a very emotionally challenging year. Charlie goes on 3-4 walks a day, enjoys cuddling, and playing with the many toys I have showered him with (some to the point of stuffing destruction), and is a mellow fellow. When he bays, it is like a Beagle, and usually only to warn us of “intruders” at the door or if the deer in the neighborhood are invading his space. The love that this dog has given us is our greatest Christmas blessing.

So from our family to yours, please accept our gratitude and thanks for allowing such a wonderful companion to bless our lives and bring us happiness every day!

Britta (AKA Moonbeam) is our little playful furry child!

Britta (we renamed her Moonbeam or Moonie for short) is just a joy. She is so sweet at times, then outrageously rambunctious and full of energy the next. She loves to run around and play fetch. She gets so excited when we wake up in the morning and lean over to give her some loving, her ears go back and she wags her tail so fast!! We just love her so much, and she is the perfect first dog for us. We are so excited to have her in our lives and give her a better home than life on the streets of Kentucky. Thank you for saving this beautiful girl!

She Rescued Us

Gigi is a ham and sticks her tongue out!Gigi (formerly known as Misty), has given us laughter, love and kisses. She is the sweetest dog we have ever met! From what we know, she came from a shelter in Kentucky and was underweight and neglected. We’ve been working with her on a leash and around other four-legged creatures and she gets better and better every day. Now, she not only has a warm, dry and safe home, but she gets two and sometimes even three walks a day and she gets to come out on our boat every weekend. When we to out to eat, my husband orders based on what he thinks Gigi would like to eat as leftovers in her food. To say she is spoiled is an understatement. We even carpeted our steps so that she would feel more comfortable on them. We look forward to the cold Cleveland winter so that Gigi can enjoy our wood burning fireplace. She has given us more than we could ever give in return. God bless the volunteers at Canine Lifetline for saving this beautiful girl’s life.

Chocolate love

After my adopted Meadow passed away due to cancer before her first birthday, there was an emptiness that needed to be filled (and vacant couch space). Mocha’s pictures and story pulled me in. A heartworm survivor who had been adopted out and returned because she needed a home with few visitors. Stare at those big chocolate eyes and you can’t help to fall in love. She is the happiest, most loving, big chocolate baby in the world. She’s a big bundle of loving energy and just bounces around with pure happiness. She gets along well with her sister Fiona, and understands cats are in charge. She was the perfect addition to the family and she knows she is loved every minute.

Three’s company

“A long, long time ago…I can still remember when…” our lives were lacking in wet noses and hair covering furniture and everything else…
… First, Daisy joined our lives, a little brown dog– full of energy and the apple of her daddy’s eye. Then, I got married and moved away. After a few months, it was time for a mutt- addition. Lucca joined– a shy, little black dog. AKA the bear, she is the sweetest thing, and always trailing around and keeping company. She and Daisy are best buddies!… since that wasn’t enough, we added a third to the pack. Santo brought his boyish charm– a blonde “Robert Redford” of dogs, he plays the “cute” card a lot…. All three pups are great friends and enjoy walks, playing and people company at family BBQs… Our lives will never be the same! Thanks, Canine Lifeline!
P.S. It is very difficult to get a photo of THREE dogs looking at the camera at the same time!

Blue Eyed Blessing!

Just another "dog day" for Gabe in Clarion PA!It has now been a little over 2 years since Gabe, who used to be called Sherlock, was adopted into the Smart household in Clarion, PA. I still remember “trying him out” on a leash, outside the PetCo in Macedonia; 2 men walked out of the Staples store there and Gabe walked right up to them wagging his tail vigorously; they stooped over to pet him & he immediately lapped one man’s face; soon both men were grinning from ear to ear. When I saw just how much joy Gabe brought to these men, and how he made their whole day, I knew I wanted to bring him home with me. Adopting Gabe from Canine Lifeline Dog Rescue was one of the best decisions of my life! Gabe is quiet in the yard, he is good at the vet’s, he is playful but not pushy, he takes treats gently, walks well on leash, and is friendly with other animals. He easily fits in with my 4 other dogs and 2 cats. Gabe absolutely loves his game lands hikes where he can romp & run off leash or excavate for chipmunks at any of his favorite tree stumps, but Gabe is also a great snuggle bunny who just loves “being with” his person or people. A HUGE “thank you!” to all of the volunteers at Canine Lifeline Rescue for saving & rescuing this awesome fellow! A bazillion blessings & tail wags to you all!

Riley is a Wonderful Dog

Hi: Just wanted to send a note along regarding our dog, a mixed border collie named Riley that we adopted May 3, 2014. WOW, what a great dog. She is the best dog I have ever owned. She is obedient, mild mannered and just a joy to have as ours. We have not had one bit of trouble with her. She listens well and is a great companion. She loves her car rides and walks, but is just as content to hang around together. Everyone who meets her loves her.

thank you for what you do. I am so happy to have been united with this wonderful dog.


Ben & Blossom

We noticed Ben and Blossom ( formerly Stacy and Sloan ) together at an event and when we learned they were litter mates it definitely caught our attention. Our hopes were that they would be adopted together. Soon after we decided to adopt Ben and Blossom and since it’s been a blast! They are a joy to have and they truly are best friends. They sleep and play together and of course love the rest of our pack! Thank you Canine Lifeline for allowing us to add this dynamic duo to our happy family!

Up & Coming

imageWe adopted Axel (aka Ozzie) in January. He was very frightened and timid upon coming to our home. He has been here going on 3 weeks and is slowly starting to acclamate and trust. We are very happy with the progress he is making. He is housebroken, let’s us know when, and has learned where to go. He remains wary and retreats to his crate a lot. When he does comes out he is very affectionate and allows petting which he enjoys.

More later

Furry Step Brothers!

I moved into my first house with my first rescue dog Frasier in December. We had a lot more space and Frasier was lonely during the day and howled the most pathetic howl every day as I left for work. I have always wanted to find him a buddy to help with his separation anxiety and knew this would be the perfect time. I found out about Canine Lifeline by a random Google search and started looking at all the amazing dogs on the lists of available dogs. I picked 3 that I thought would match up perfect and scheduled the meet and greet. Frasier is such an easy going dog that I didn’t know how it would go and the three dogs I looked at were great and it was making the decision very difficult, but then the ladies asked me to look at one more dog and it was Bingo. I saw Frasier start to play with the much younger dog like he was a puppy himself and I just knew they would be battling brothers! The lonely howl is now replaced by play growls and romping. Their relationship is one of a comedy sitcom where the younger brother wants to play to the point of annoyance, but always ends with them being buddies. These pictures tell the whole story of Frasier and Ringo. (Had to change the name!)

What’s in a name?

My husband & I, along with our now 7 year old black lab certified therapy dog, Griff, welcomed Gracie, a Gr. Pyrenees/Lab mix into our family May 26, 2013. Gracie was about 1 year old at the time we adopted her. I had mentioned to my husband I hoped to train another therapy dog for visitations, & would like her name to be “Grace” or “Gracie”. The day I saw her beautiful face & brown eyes with the name “Gracie” on the Canine Lifeline website, I felt she was the “one”.

In a year’s time, Gracie & I have completed Basic, Intermediate, Intermediate 2, Intermediate Advanced, & Advanced Traveling Obedience classes. Our class instructor believes Gracie is ready for the Therapy Obedience class next spring. To be honest, it took about six months for Gracie to settle in. Now she acts likes she’s always been a part of our family &
her tail regularly wags with joy.

Three Years Already?!!

Rudy is having a blast! He just graduated from training in this picture. Rudy is making friends and can be very talkative! I love my little lap dog.

Sweet Ollie

Ollie (formerly Zoom) has been a part of our family since December 2012, and he’s added lots of love, laughter, and fuzzy cuddles to our lives. He’s got the sweetest disposition you could ever ask for in a dog, but he also “protects” the house, watches over the kids, and keeps the cats in check!

Ollie spends his days playing with his sister, Teeka, chasing squirrels in the backyard and getting belly rubs (his favorite!). He loves to be with his family, helps drive the kids to school & back every day during the school year & vacations with us in the summer. Last year we discovered Ollie loves to lay in tide pools at the beach!

So many amazing dogs out there that need loving homes…we are so happy to have been able to give Ollie a loving home, but he’s given us much more in becoming part of our family!

Take a Chance on Me!


I recently adopted Benjamin and he is loving his new life with his “sibs” Pete and Bella. Although I’ve adopted many pups over the years, I learned a new lesson this time. When I initially met Benjamin, my first thought was something like “Wow! Here’s a challenge!” I’m not sure if that was my exact thought because he was barking non-stop, so loudly that I couldn’t hear myself think. And he happens to have the kind of bark that sounds like someone is stepping on him with a stiletto. I did not take Benjamin home with me that day. But I couldn’t stop thinking about him. And what I thought about was this: he has good reasons for barking. After all, how do we humans get our needs met? We ask for what we need and at times, when we feel anxious or afraid or like we are not being heard, we might talk too much or even yell. But that’s not (hopefully) how we always behave, right? Because when we do get our needs met, when we feel safe and loved and “at home”, we relax. We can then be our best selves, our true selves, because all is well. And so it is with dogs.


I went back to get Benjamin; I took him home and he stopped barking. As it turns out, Benjamin is pure joy! He is sweet, silly, affectionate, playful and happy. His best self, his true self, was not apparent to me as a potential adopter because his behavior was (dare I say it?) obnoxious when I first met him. Thankfully I was able to look past that, to give him a chance. My new little boy has adjusted beautifully to his new home and family. That obnoxious behavior is totally gone because there’s nothing to yell about. Benjamin finally has everything he needs; he now feels safe and loved and at home. I am so happy that I listened, that I was able to hear what he was yelling about. I truly hope that anyone looking to adopt a pup finds a way to look past a “problem behavior” to see an awesome dog who is simply trying to get his needs met.

Ziggy’s 2 Year Gotcha Anniversary

Two years ago today, we brought home the sweetest dog we know! Ziggy makes us smile every day and we are so very grateful to Canine Lifeline, Inc. for rescuing him and for everything that they do! We love you Ziggy!

Nathan and Jen Oshaben


Doogie doing rallyDoogie was not at all the type of dog I thought I was seeking, but guess he knew he was the dog that I needed. He’s the most humorous, loving, and joyful dog I’ve ever known. We’ve had such a fun year doing all sorts of new things–he passed his Canine Good Citizen test last spring, in the fall he passed his evaluation to be registered as a Delta Pet Partners therapy dog, and recently he earned his first title in rally obedience. Doogie is sort of the Will Rogers of the canine world and seems to make new friends wherever he goes. Thank you to all the folks at Canine Lifeline for bringing us together!!!

Where did the time go?

On March 30th, we celebrate our first year with Mylo and Moxie. What a year it has been! There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t comment how lucky WE are to find such great pups. We get so many compliments when we go for a walk. They have a spirit about them that one can’t help but fall in love with them. Moxie enjoys walks in the woods (she never seems to tire), chasing most anything smaller than she is and cuddling. Mylo enjoys walks in the woods, long petting sessions and good long naps. They are still inseparable, but they’ve let us share in their lives; a joy for us that is endless!

Jimmy is Home!!!

We adopted Jimmy last May and couldn’t be happier. He has been a great addition to our home. He gets at least 3 walks a day and enjoys going to two different dog parks to meet up with his pals. Although he is still a little shy when meeting new people, he has no problems meeting new furry friends. He even enjoys snuggling with Kiki, our 3-year-old kitty! Thank you, Canine Lifeline, for rescuing Jimmy from a terrible hoarding home. He has been a joy!!!

Happy Holidays from the 3 Wise Dogs

3-Wise-Dogs-webGabe, formerly “Sherlock” is on the right, a wonderful Australian Shepherd Cross who came home to the Smart household from Canine Lifeline Rescue in March of 2013. Now Gabe is enjoying game land hikes, long walks through, play time in the yard, and snuggles along with his sisters, River & Katey. Gabe is a cuddly bundle of love, affection, & joy! Many thanks to Barb and all the other volunteers at Canine Lifeline who give so generously of their time and hearts to help save so many wonderful dogs! May the 2014 New Year bring all of you bright and bountiful blessings, and many welcoming homes for many more dogs!

Sweet,Sweet Nila

It is one year ago today that I brought my sweet Nila (aka Freida) Home. That was just two weeks after I lost my Chow/Shepard mix Harley. Nila helped me get through that very sad peroid. Nila is such a good girl and very loving. No matter who comes over she is so happy to see them and brings them all her toys. Nila house trained easily and trained on her three acrer invisible fence in four days. She loves chasing squirrels and deer. She loves the snow and races around the yard every time there is fresh snow. One of Nila’s favorite places to sleep is in front of our wood burner after that run in the snow. Some of my friends that have lost a fur baby tell me they will wait a year and then get another dog, I tell them don’t wait, you will heal a lot faster with the patter of paws in the house. Thank you Canine Lifeline for recusing her, she is my treasure!

Happy Carlie!

Dear Canine Lifeline,

It’s been almost a year since we have added an addition to our family. We adopted Carlie, a 3 year old lab mix a few days after Christmas last year. This was our first experience adopting a rescued dog and Canine Lifeline made it easy and we were able to find a good fit. Carlie has a golden retriever sister named Rosie and they absolutely love each other!!! Carlie is healthy, happy, and living the good life! She brings an exuberant energy to our family and we can’t imagine life without her! We wish all dogs could be this lucky!

Thank you!

A New Home for Sky

We changed Lilah’s name to Sky due to her sky blue eye, she is a Boxer/Husky mix and has been part of our family for nine months now. Although probably a pup when we got her, she was crate trained, house trained, and sitting on command. She is very smart, from the day we brought her home the surprises haven’t stopped. She likes the blow dryer on her face when I’m getting ready in the morning. She knows how to turn on the tap in the bathroom sink and how to put the windows down in the car (praise God for lockout switches!) This dog is fast. She zips around the yard like a gazelle; I had to clip an L.E.D. safety light to her collar just to keep track of her at night.

Canine Lifeline makes adoption easy, the application targets the right type of dog for your home and lifestyle. Adoption counselors are on site at PETCO adoption events where you can observe a dog’s personality and how they interact with others. Thanks again Canine Lifeline and thank you so much Barb!

Kimberly, Eric and Sky


Sammy has been with us for a year now and has really become part of our family. He came to you with his mom Trixie. He looks just like her but larger and does weigh about 40 lbs. He continues to be housebroken, thanks to his foster mom (Margaret). He has been a great puppy other than having to moniter his chewing which seems to be getting better. We’ve had to baby proof the house……an adjustment for us as we had a 16 year old Dalmation who was much less active. We love him and wanted to let you know that he is doing well and we appeiciate all you do!

Happy Henry

Henry is such a wonderful dog! He loves to play play play with his older sister Mia, a yellow lab / shar pei mix. He also has learned how to be a couch potato. Henry adjusted well to our family and is a great addition.

We Love Lucy!

We adopted our sweet little Lucy march 2012. What a great companion she is! She loves her box of toys, going for rides & even long trips. She is a little spoiled…. & has put on a little weight. She walks 3 times a day & is trying to
cut back on treats. She is a Happy girl & we sure are happy to love her. She makes us smile everyday.

A year in the life of Jedd (as told by Jedd)

Jeddsmile1Hi Canine Lifeline friends!

It’s me, Jedd! I’ve been living at my home in the suburbs of Chicago now for a year this Sunday and WOW has it been a fun one! Last year my family came to pick me up in Ohio and brought my new sister, JoJo, along with to meet me. Let me tell you, it was an uncomfortable ride home because JoJo kept giving me dirty looks from the front seat, so I sat patiently in the back for 6 hours knowing it would be worth the long trip. Mom kept telling me how good of a boy I was being and that JoJo and I were going to be the best of friends, (I was thinking otherwise).

Once we got home, they showed me my new house, big fenced in yard, lots of toys, and comfy bed and crate. Little did they know I don’t like being in a crate, so I let them know by crying all night long. That was the last night ever of being in a crate. Lucky me gets to sleep wherever I want now!

Over the past year, I have had many adventures. When Mom and Dad adopted me, they new I had been a stray livin’ the hard knock life on the streets. What they didn’t know is that I was once also a hunter. Last summer, a skunk got into my yard, and the rest of the story is kind of a blur. All I remember is Mom giving me about 10 baths that night and it being kind of stinky outside. I overheard Dad telling Mom when he got home that I had actually killed the stinky skunk and it was dead in the backyard. Oops. Well about a week later history repeated itself and I got about 10 more baths and there was another victim in the yard. Those skunks need to stay out of my yard! Since then, I’ve been nicknamed “Jedd the Hunter”. I can’t help it that I’m so fast and stealthy when it comes down to protecting my house!

JeddPolRight after Christmas I got a new sister named Polly. She looks just like me except for that she’s black and white (and kind of chunky). She even has the same floppy ear as me! She was rescued from Indiana and since the day she came home we’ve been inseparable. I like her much better than my other sister, JoJo, because she likes to play as much as I do. JoJo likes to pretend she’s the queen of the house, so Polly and I just let her think that.
Last month I had a heartworm test to make sure I’m still heartworm negative, (I was treated for heartworms at Canine Lifeline, so I was very nervous about the results). Guess what??!! I’m still heartworm FREE!! WOO HOOOO!! My Vet, Dr. Christine, also said I’m a very healthy boy and had nothing bad to say about me, (my sister’s reports always say to lose a few pounds). I get lots of exercise in my big yard so it’s good to know all my running around keeps me in shape.

Well, time to get going. I’ve got to tend to the baby bunnies in the backyard. Mom has to keep an extra close eye on me because I’ve become obsessed with watching them in their nest. Afterwards, I’ll probably take a nice long nap and snore the day away. I have to save up lots of energy for the party I’m helping to host for the Chicago Blackhawks game this Saturday, I hope everyone at Canine Lifeline is doing well and all the dogs there get another chance at a great life like I did. We all deserve the best, and I’m happy and lucky to say my life couldn’t be more fabulous.

Jedd Skinner aka “The Hunter”


BrookWe adopted Brooke from Canine Lifeline last October. She was alittle shy at first but quickly came around. My daughter and son in law soon after adopted a beagle/mountain cur mix and it has been a great addition to our dog family. They see each other every weekend and enjoy walks in the park and hanging out together. Mostly they love wrestling together and has if anything gave Brooke a friend for life. We have had so many laughs and fun watching them. Thank you so much to Canine Lifeline for a great pet in Brooke.

Astro the Wonder Dog

AstroAstro (AKA Bentley) adopted us 1 year ago and a wonderful year it has been. Always the happy guy, he loves to give kisses and cuddles just as much as he loves to receive belly and ear scratches. He loves car rides, cheese, and long walks anywhere. He’s just an all-around happy guy who loves his people and lets us know every day.

Astro is a wonderful traveler and gets to go places often because of his fantastic temperament. He’s very well mannered in hotel rooms and doesn’t do much barking- although his favorite pastime is jumping on the beds. We take him to weekend dart tournaments with us and without fail, there is a knock on our door every morning with someone who wants to play with him before the day’s events begin. We get in trouble now when we don’t bring him :-) He’s amazing on long car rides, and his favorite part is stopping in rest areas so he can jump on picnic tables.

hard day of playing I can’t begin to tell you how many smiles Astro has brought to our lives. He’s such a happy guy and loves to share his happiness. Thank you so much Canine Lifeline for saving this little guy from death row and heartworm disease. I knew when it was time for us to adopt, the right kid would find us- and he most certainly did. Thanks to all the wonderful work you do, Astro will have many happy years to chase birds and squirrels or curl up in from of the window for a nap in the sun.
Thank you again for all that you do!

Elkhound Greetings from New York!

Moxie And MyloWe adopted not one, but two dogs on March 30th, 2013 in Ohio. No regrets here! After meeting them, we decided their names weren’t quite accurate. Bear became Mylo and Polly became Moxie! They survived the long drive back to New York with no problems. We weren’t certain how it would be to adopt older dogs, but it has been a breeze. We both agree though the puppy stage is cute, we do not miss it. These two adapted so well to their new environment. We laugh several times a day because of them. We still miss are last Elkhounds, Abbey and Pogo, but these two have helped ease the pain. It’s great to have that kind of energy in the house again.

Ziggy’s 1 Year Anniversary!

Hi Everyone! Today is Ziggy’s (Skeeter’s) one year adoption anniversary! It’s hard to believe that one year has gone by since we brought Ziggy (Skeeter) home. He has been an absolutely wonderful addition to our family. Ziggy’s favorite activities include fetch, snuggling, giving high-fives, and stealing half the bed! This little guy puts a smile on our face everyday! We are so grateful to Canine Lifeline for finding him. We could not have asked for a better dog!

Our Magic Situation

Snapshot_2013501My name is Socrates P., and I am 13 years old. About a year and a half ago we adopted a Belgian sheepdog/ Border Collie mix. His name is Magic. My family had always seemed to have a dull feeling to it so me and my Mom went to Canine Lifeline to adopt a dog. We knew the first time we saw Magic that he was the one for us. My Dad was not thrilled when he saw Magic but now he loves him. Magic is the most obedient, loyal, intelligent, and selfless creature that i have come across. Magic has caused my family to come alive and I love him very much.
God bless you Canine Lifeline,
Socrates P.

Meant To Be

My husband and I moved into a rental house in July 2012 and before the lease was signed we knew we were going to rescue a dog. I spent weeks scouring the web looking for the perfect pooch to join us – but instead found her at Canine Fun Days in August. I work for a pet boarding/grooming/day camp facility and was working our booth for the weekend. My husband came with his parents, and decided to take a look around. As I was walking around looking for him – a volunteer walking Avery passed us. The second I locked eyes with her, it was fate. She ran right up to me and immediately starting loving on me. From that moment I was hers. I asked what rescue Avery was from and if she would take Avery back to that tent for me while I found my husband. It was love at first sight for him too. We filled out the paperwork and brought her home with us that day – August 18, 2012.

Since then, Avery has filled our lives with laughter and love. She is such a sweet and special dog, with a quirky personality. Everyone who meets her instantly falls in love with her. We love snuggling with her, and she comes to work with me 4 or 5 days a week to play in day camp. She took a little bit to come out of her shell, but she is very quiet and loving unless she feels that we are being threatened and she will bark and growl at whatever she feels that threat is. For a 25 pound beagle, she sure sounds intimidating! She still would rather love on you and snuggle than play with her toys, but plays with them on occasion – and has doggy friends that she will play with. She loves to burrow under the covers and snuggle up right next to you in bed – she certainly makes the best snuggle buddy :)

She’s still a little skittish around new people – all we know about her background is that she was rescued from a shelter in Bowling Green, KY after being surrendered by her owners because they had too many dogs, and was on the list to be euthanized. We are so grateful that Canine Lifeline rescued Avery from Kentucky, and that one of your volunteers crossed my path with her that day, our lives will never be the same. Thank you so much!!!!!

Jessi, Ernest, and Avery <3

Gabe Unleashed

Gabe (formerly Sherlock) charms people everywhere we go with his lake blue eyes and Charmin soft fur. But it’s what’s inside that counts and Gabe is gentle, calm, affectionate, and smart. Gabe loves his off leash time in local PA gamelands where he herds invisible sheep at high velocities and excavates chipmunk burrows as though he is digging his way to China. Gabe’s boundless energy makes Katey (3 yr old Sheltie cross) and River (5 yr old Lab/Retriever cross), his 2 adopted siblings, look old. Gabe also has a soft, reflective side and he is the best “I just want to be with you” buddy ever. It’s hard now to remember what life BG (Before Gabe) was like! We are all wondering how we ever got along without him!


We are coming up on our 3 year anniversary that we adopted Dudley from Canine Lifeline’s participation at the Cleveland Zoo (adopt a friend day). He is a loveable lab mix and is a wonderful addition to our other rescued lab mix. We want to thank Barb and everyone at Canine Life Line for saving and caring for such wonderful dogs.


Cara and Mark

Astro’s Happy Tail!

Little one and Astro relaxing on the couchWe adopted Astro about two months ago and he fit in right to our family, it feels like he was always supposed to be with us!

He is great with the little one, whenever she relaxes on the couch he is right with her. When they are at the park he loves to let her chase him, it’s almost like they are playing tag! His other favorite is to fetch his frisbee, he is such a quick learner!

Denver and Astro at the parkHe really is a wonderful dog and has made us so happy, and we are so glad that groups like Canine Lifeline are helping dogs like Astro get a second chance at love and a forever home.

Everyone that meets him falls in love with him, and says how sweet he is and how funny he is. He really is the best dog and we wanted everyone to know how happy he has made our family.

Sheldon: The Missing Piece of Our Puzzle

image1Its been just about 1 year since Sheldon came into our lives, our home and our hearts and we cannot thank you enough for saving him so that he could complete our family. My husband and I had been tossing around the idea of getting another 4-legged family member to join our little dachshund Florence. We had looked around but nothing seemed to be the missing piece. That was until we saw Sheldon (then Spot) on the Fox 8 6 o’clock news. My husband saw him first and told me to come take a look. Immediately I knew. I looked at my husband and said, “ That’s him! We NEED that dog!” I’ve never dialed a phone number faster. I told the operator on the line that I’d like to talk with someone about Spot, and she laughed as I told her “ I LOVE HIM!!” Once I spoke with the fine folks at Canine Lifeline they told me that someone had actually called to see Sheldon before the piece aired on the news but if that didn’t work out she would call me. I was heartbroken but my husband and I both agreed that as long as he found a good home that would make us happy. As it turned out, that family had picked another dog from Canine Lifeline and I got a call later in the week that Sheldon was still available! Talk about meant to be! So that Saturday my husband, daughter, our dachshund and myself went to Petco in Macedonia to meet Sheldon and the rest is history! There was never a moment of hesitation, we knew he was meant to be in our family.

imageTruth be told we were a little nervous about Florence. She may be only 9lbs but up until that point she was queen of the castle and she knew it. We weren’t sure how she would adjust, but much to our surprise, things could not have gone any smoother. They are truly best friends. They play and play and keep the other on their toes (or paws!) but when its time to rest its not uncommon to see them curled up next to each other on the couch.

Sheldon is really just such a good boy and we are thankful everyday that we found a way into each other’s lives. We cannot thank Canine Lifeline enough for everything they do and for making our family complete. They really are jus the best organization and when the time comes we will adopt from them again.

The life of Riley!! (Gabe)

IMG_0990Gabe has been nothing short of an amazing adoption for my wife and I. We go on walks daily and he behaves so nice even with other dogs. He loves all the attention that he can get, and everyone who meets him just loves him. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since we brought him home and what a blessing he has been. He loves to roughhouse in the mornings when we get up and I am getting used to having a permanent shadow following me around the house and the yard.

Dixie Lou & Mohawk too

Kyle and Dixie LouI wanted to THANK YOU so much for my fur-ever home. I came to these humans along with a four legged brother Mohawk Max. We are getting along GREAT!! We have a big back yard that we LOVE to run in. We have sleeping places that we use along with my mom. Mohawk thinks he is a lap dog. So they let him be one. We have had some times when Mohawk Max and I couldn’t behave but we always told on one another. My parents have been very patient with us and teaching us what we should learn. Our human brother also loves to play with us and take us outside to run around with us. Mohawk LOVES to fetch things. He will fetch whatever is thrown. But then I have to go over to him and take it away. So whoever is outside with us has to throw 2 things.

Dixie Lou and Mohawk MaxWe are really trying to be the best kids anyone could have. My mom was heart broken before we came. They had just lost their other baby. But my mom keeps telling us that we all live in a home again and not a house. I’m sure glad Mohawk and I could bring LOVE back into a house to make it a home. We both LOVE it here and can feel the love that our parents and 2 legged brother give us.
THANK YOU Caninie Lifeline for our FUR-EVER home and the LOVE we really needed!!!!

Dixie Lou & Mohawk too!!


Callie asked that I write you to let you know that she has decided she likes her new home and that she plans on staying. She says thank you for bringing her to Ohio and finding her a wonderful new home.  In addition to getting to lots of treats, walks, and cuddles, she says she loves sleeping in the big bed at night as well.  She also likes the little people who come to visit throughout the week.

She also likes her new big brother Oscar who rough houses with her as well as fighting over the toys. The only thing she does not like about Oscar is that he likes treats as much as her, so she has to share. She enjoys relaxing with Oscar after rough housing as well as lounging by herself on a couch.

She is intrigued by all the squirrels that run around the yard and can’t wait to get trained for the invisible fence this spring so she can chase them around the yard.

She has settled in beautifully and has not had a potty mistake since last Monday. She is helping keep Oscar young and loves all the attention from the grandchildren when they come over.

Thought you would like an update.  Thanks for all you do to save wonderful dogs like Callie.

Warmest Regards,
Frank and Cassie

One Year with Sawyer!

swift2-180x180My husband and I decided it was time to expand our four-legged family. We looked for awhile, finally found “the one” online, and when we got to the shelter, found out “the one” had already been adopted. Who else was there that day? Sawyer (then called Swift), a border collie/husky mix, who was exactly the opposite of the dog we had been planning on. Within seconds, though, he proved that he was exactly the one for us.

Cash (our first dog) and Sawyer bonded almost immediately. After just a few minutes together, they started cuddling together, playing together, and even sharing the same food/water bowls. The boys are completely inseparable in every way and they’ve been good for each other. Cash has helped calm Sawyer’s anxiety and Sawyer has helped stop Cash’s barking.

420529_3487898721966_797168909_nHe has such an excitable, happy personality! His whole body shakes and he’ll jump completely off the ground for a walk, he thinks he’s a lap dog, and he somehow knows just when you could use a hug. Thanks so much Canine Lifeline and the Friendship APL for our little guy!! My husband and I are both infinitely glad Sawyer found us!

Guinness (formerly Whiskers) the dog who doesn’t stop smiling

image1My husband Eric and I had been looking to adopt for over a year. I had been searching so much for “the perfect dog” that i was starting to over-think everything! We randomly came across Whiskers picture while searching for border collies. I was not looking for a mixed breed but the schnauzer/ border collie mix was to cute to pass up. He was a perfect match for us. Eric and I immediately fell in love with his sweet eyes and handsome beard. When we went to meet him it was love at first sight. Whiskers (now named Guinness) jumped head first into our active lifestyle and absorbed everything we taught him effortlessly. He has never stopped smiling and continues to surprise us every single day. He has even taking a liking to our 13 year old tabby cat Daisy and we think shes starting to like him too! :-) Most recently Guinness attended our wedding down in North Carolina and discovered just how much he loves the ocean and the sand!!! Thanks so much Canine Lifeline for helping Eric and I find Guinness. We can’t imagine life without him!!!!
Eric, Jennifer, Guinness and Daisyimage

Happy Anniversary to Cassie!

I cannot believe it has been 1 year since we adopted Cassie! She is a joy and the love of our life. It took her about 4 months to really trust us and settle in, but now she is just one of our family. She travels with us…she has been to Washington DC, Memphis TN and on many bike trails! She travels well and likes to go exploring where ever we go.

Just want to say Thanks to all who rescued her, groomed her and got her ready for adoption. When I tell people she was rescued from a kill shelter, they cannot believe it because she is such a sweetheart. And when we first got her, she was protected of me…would hide behind me and not want to interact with people, especially women and girls. She now shares a house with two cats and welcomes everyone in. Other dogs included.

On our first anniversary, just wanted to let you know how she is doing and again “Thanks” to all for our little Cassie.

Our Boy Stevie

Steve and his girlsWhen we lost our golden last May we knew it would be tough on our little Westie, Annie. (As well as us). She seemed so lost without him. We never thought she’d have someone as close as Jake. Then, Stevie came into our home from your wonderful rescue. We couldn’t ask for anyone better! He fit right in. He is so gentle with Annie, yet gives her a run for her chewy!! They are becoming the best of buddies.

Stevie and Annie resting after a walkCan’t thank you enough for all you have done for us, and for all these wonderful dogs. We truly appreciate the work and time your rescue takes in finding the perfect home.


nico-and-finnJohn and I heard about Canine Lifeline through family members who adopted their dogs through the organization and had a great experience. We rescued our first dog, Nico, a few years ago through animal control and are strong believers in rescuing and giving needy dogs a good home. Our first dog is currently 4 years old, so we started looking over the past few months at different adoption agencies and dogs and finally felt like we had found a possible match through Canine Lifeline and what we saw and heard about Finn. It was very important to us to find a companion for Nico that would fit into our home and would get along well with her and our family, so we were very excited by how Canine Lifeline is set up and that we could take Nico to come meet Finn and trial out his adoption. We also could really see and feel the love of how dedicated the staff at Canine Lifeline are to these dogs by how the process was set up as well. John and I have had Finn now for almost two weeks and have officially adopted him, although we knew we were going to from basically day one after we saw how well he fit into our home. john-and-nico-and-finnNico and Finn are very opposite but complimentary in personalities, and we have really enjoyed seeing them play and interact. We feel good about finding a brother for our first dog as well as finding the right home for Finn now as well. Even thought it has only been a couple of weeks, we feel like we have had Finn for much longer and are very grateful to the organization for helping us to find him. Thank you!

Lost and Found!

Happy OllieI rescued my dog Oliver (formerly Cash) from Canine Lifeline in February 2011 when he was about 1.5 years old. I was told Oliver was found as a stray in Hocking County, and rescued by the county dog pound. He was in the shelter for a while, and no one came to find him. I couldn’t believe anyone could let him go. I am so grateful for Canine Lifeline finding my dog and bringing him to me. I loved him from the minute I met him as he wagged his tail into my house and immediately found a comfortable spot in my lap. I remember telling Barb on the phone that I wanted a companion dog, and that is exactly what I got. Oliver wanted to cuddle and be pet all the time. While I thought a lot of this behavior was still part of him being young, I was wrong; his friendliness and wanting to be a 35 lb. lap dog did not go away. I knew with his friendly disposition and love he gave to me, he had great potential to make others feel happy, and so I signed up for obedience and Canine Good Citizen classes.

Therapy Dog!This past fall, Oliver passed his Therapy Dogs International (TDI) test. A few weeks ago, we started volunteering at a nearby nursing home every Saturday. Just this past weekend, I could see the impact he had on the residents’ faces as Oliver traveled from room to room. One of the residents even told Oliver, “I love you so much.” It was great! I feel so fortunate to have found Oliver. He is perfect for me, and makes me so happy everyday! I can’t picture my life without him.

Foster Failure

IMG_2665Ten months ago, my Mom and I went to the Petco in Macedonia, like we usually do, to spend the day volunteering for Canine Lifeline. We drove there thinking “we’re not going to bring another dog home” and much to our surprise, we brought home a 13 lb. pug/dachshund/ miniature poodle mix named Pugsley. He has the face of pug and the personality of a poodle. We were not planning on adopting Pugsley, but would be fostering him until a family would want to adopt him. We had never fostered a dog before (although we have two black labs, both rescues, of our own).

When we arrived at our house, I immediately gave him a bath with lavender dog soap. He went from looking like a scruffy shelter dog to a dog with a beautiful, black shiny coat. As he spent time with our family that afternoon, he started to come out of his shell. We found out rather quickly that he loves to play with tennis balls. He would fetch the ball and bring it right back, just like a retriever. He is one spunky, energetic dog! One minute he would be darting around the house like a bullet so fast that we couldn’t catch him. The next minute he would be “zonked out” on the floor, curled up in a ball looking helpless. As the days passed by, we developed new nicknames for him such as “Puggles, Pugs, and the Ugly Puggling”. Now, if you could see his face and his silly snaggle tooth, you would understand why some would think that he had the face that only a mother could love!

We soon found out that Pugsley loves to chew just about anything…wires, furniture, toes…you name it. However, his endearing underbite lets him get away with things because he is so darn cute! At night, it would take him two minutes to find a spot to snuggle up in bed with me. He would twirl around in circles trying to find the perfect spot to finally lay down. After he had found a spot, he would slowly manage his way up to the pillow, next to me. He sleeps like an angel, but right when the alarm goes off in the morning, he gets up, and is raring to go like a Tasmanian devil. For him, everyday was like an adventure…chewing, playing, snuggling, and doing just about doing anything he wanted. He soon figured out the daily routine for our other two dogs and followed whatever they did. All three dogs would sit in a row waiting for breakfast and dinner. When we eat lunch, they all sit in the same order, biggest to smallest waiting for any little table scrap they can get. Since our other two dogs are much bigger than him, he tries to jump up and show how tall he can be too. It is so cute!

IMG_2691Three weeks passed and he got much healthier…gaining weight and becoming house trained. We started taking him to Petco on Saturdays to see if anyone was interested in adopting him, but nobody had inquired about him. He was beginning to feel like our own dog. Even my sister, who wasn’t too fond about fostering a dog, stopped calling him “it”. He was really starting to grow on us. We knew we had to make a decision soon, whether or not to adopt him, and it was very hard. We thought of how fun he is to play with and if we really could have a third dog. After all, all of our neighbors were starting to question us about this new canine we had in the house. When we first brought him home to foster, I asked my mom if we could adopt him. She said “no honey, you know we can’t have a third dog”. I was disappointed at first but I knew there had to be something that I could do to convince her, and sure enough, three weeks later, my parents made the decision that we could keep him. I was so excited! That day, my mom and I went to Petco and she filled out the adoption forms, while I picked out his toys. I picked out a blue ID tag for him too (because we wouldn’t want to lose him).

After we had volunteered that day at Petco, we headed home, so I scooped him up in my arms and carried him out to the car. For him, a whole day at Petco was a lot, so he slept in my lap the whole ride. This furry little guy was on his way home, to his forever home…never again to be an unwanted stray in Kentucky! Thanks Canine Lifeline. We adore him.

I Finally Have My Girl – My Princess Zoey

I live in a house full of men – my husband, my 13 year old son and our 4 year old rescue Buddy the Beagle and have always wanted a girl (child or canine is the same to me). I had been searching for a rescue for the past 6 months and Zoey came across my email about 2 1/2 weeks ago. As soon as I saw her picture I knew she was perfect. When I went to meet her at Petco she started licking my face, I started crying and I couldn’t wait to get her home so she could become a part of our family. She is very spunky and definitely still in the puppy stage, but she is so darn cute and lovable she is easily forgiven. Buddy is opening up a little bit more and their playing has become more frequent. They even laid on Buddy’s chair together for the first time last night. I would highly recommend Canine Lifeline to anyone who is looking for a dog as they go through a great screening process to make sure you are a good parent also.

Sir Louie Fine-Lewin

We adopted Louie on December 10, 2010 just 6 weeks after losing our beloved dog, Sophie. Even though I told my husband and kids that we would have to wait until the end of the school year to get another dog, I couldn’t make it even two months without a four legged family member. Barb and I emailed several times and she brought three dogs for an ‘audition’ at our house. The first one made herself a little too much at home, the third one was so shy Barb could barely get him in our house, but the second one was just right. Louie (formerly Clipper) is the perfect dog for our family. He came house trained, crate trained and with very good manners. He has brought so much comfort over the last two years that I can hardly imagine life without him. Thank you, Canine Lifeline for matching us with our precious boy.

What about Bob!

It’s been a rocky road with Bob – but I can officially say he’s one of the family. I wish I had one of those happy tails that said – I could tell instantly he was the perfect dog for us – but I don’t. . . . . We adopted Bob from Canine Lifeline in January of ths year. He is a really sweet dog and REALLY high energy. We could tell immediately that he would be good and safe around our toddler, but he seemed to love him just a bit too much – which resulted in a lot of toddler falls. He was very loving, but also very poorly behaved, jumping, barking, regular zoomie episodes around the living room.

It seemed everything we tried to train him backfired and brought out a new unacceptable behavior. Barb at Canine Lifeline was great with us and actually reposted him for adoption about a month after we got him, when his energy and jumping got the best of me. The next family had the same problem, and a week later, we had Bob back.

We knew that he would be in a revolving door of families if we didn’t do something to improve his behavior, and he was a sweet dog – just not a good dog . . . . Then we found Carol Peters of Cold Nose Companions. She came to our house and helped us with Bob’s training. We got him on a strict clicker training method and have been working with him since.

Now, his true character really shows! He’s a wonderful, loving dog. He’s still high energy, but it’s under control and with a racketball inside or outside – we can redirect it. I can finally say, Bob is one of the family! It just goes to show, with the right tools, just about any dog can be a joy in your house!! I’m glad we didn’t give up on Bob because he truly belongs with us now.

Twix, the Perfect Dog!!!

I spent quite a bit of time looking for a dog on Petfinder and with Canine Lifeline. Then one day I checked my iPod to see what dogs they had just posted. As it worked out, they had a Basenji-Lab mix who seemed like she was just what I was looking for. Being at away from home, I couldn’t see a picture of her until I got home. When I saw the picture, she seemed perfect!! I contacted Barb and asked to meet Twix. When I met her, I was smitten. After a few days, I brought her home and after some adjustment time with my cat, she fit right in. Everyone I meet is amazed to hear her story and see how calm she is. My parents love her and my brother calls her his ‘surrogate’ dog. I couldn’t ask for a better companion. Thanks Tara, Barb, and everyone else who helped this happen!!!

Jazz (Hank) Jazz Squared Right Into Our Hearts

Usually, when you get a dog there is an adjustment period, but not with Jazz! He walked into our house, into our routine and into our hearts; we have had him 2 weeks. He’s learned our schedule, he’s had no accidents, settles in his crate, and almost has healing down. He is wonderful! Not perfect but close to it. He does like to chew and we have to make sure he chews on his toys and not our stuff. He loves everyone he meets and enjoys playing with other 4 legged visitors.

He is a very calm, young addition to our family. He is content to do whatever you are doing.Whether you want to play ball, go for a walk, take a nap, or have him lay at your feet chewing on his bone while you’re on the computer like now.

We could not be happier with our decision to adopt a rescue dog.

Love at First Sight!

Our family had been looking for a dog to complete our family for over 6 months. A few time a week we would pour over the listings on petfinder. One day a beautiful little golden retriever mix showed up with Canine Lifeline. We knew from the first minute that Kira was the perfect dog for our family. We set up a meeting at Petco and within seconds she was part of our family. Since that snowy day in January all of our lives and others have been blessed by Kira. My 13 year old daughter signed up for a 4-H dog club a few months later and they both learned many new things and met fabulous people. By June Kira and Jordan had passed the canine good citizen test and the two of them were off to visit nursing homes with the 4-H PetPALS group putting smiles on the residents faces. On the first visit a man in a wheel chair reached down to pet Kira and told her she was the most beautiful dog he had ever seen. I still get goosebumps just thinking about what joy she brings not only to us but especially to the folks at the nursing home. Just a few weeks ago Kira and Jordan took their 4-H lessons to the Fairfield County, Ohio fair. The two of them earned a gold medal in PetPALS, a 3rd place in dog showmanship and 5th place in You and Your Dog. During the interview part of the competition, one of the judges told Jordan that Kira was an extremely lucky dog and that it was very evident that she was very loved. In addition to 4-H, Kira has learned to swim and occasionally wants to chase a few ducks. She also finds herself right at home in any bed in the house. We often wonder how such a loving, kind and beautiful dog could have ever been a stray. But we are incredibly grateful that she found her way to us as her furever home!!!

Sarge and Scout Get a New Home

My boyfriend and I have rescued two dogs from Canine Lifeline in 4 months. First was Sgt. Pepper in June and just recently came Scout. They have become inseparable in just a few weeks. I can’t imagine life without them! They are the sweetest dogs in the world and we’re eager to see if Scout will grow to be Sarge’s size or stay the mini-me version. Sarge is completely mellow, and loves to take up most of our bed :) Scout is eager to please and is always wagging his tail. Thank you so much for making our family complete!

Taylor & Chris

Kirby’s New Life

I adopted Kirby almost two years ago from Canine lifeline and it was the best decision I ever made. He is the sweetest little thing and has fit into our lives so well. He must have had some abuse in his past as loud noises and yelling scares him, and he’s leary of some new people. But TLC has made him a lover and everyone is jealous that I got such a great dog!

Elvis has a new home

Elvis is our first rescue. We wanted to get a companion for our Welsh Corgi Lucy and we could not have found a better pair. They play together all day long and are well rested for night time. Being our first rescue we weren’t sure what to expect, however we were pleasantly surprised to find a housetrained, well behaved dog. We are able to bring him to visit family and he gets along with everyone. He is the sweetest!

Joyful Hearts

We have two children ages 6 & 8 and when we lost our 12-yr old laborador retriever to cancer in June, it was a heart breaking experience for all of us.

Even though we all moved forward with our summer activities, we envied those families with dogs. Not only did we have an empty spot at the bottom of our bed where our retriever used to sleep, but we had an empty spot in our hearts.

We talked about what kind of dog would work best in our family, since we have children and cats, and we created a profile. We decided not to contribute to overcrowding in shelters or puppy mills by purchasing a guaranteed full breed canine. Instead, we vowed to become part of the solution by helping to give a dog a home who was on borrowed time.

After weeks of playing with various candidates, we found Emma at a Canine Fun Days fair. When we first brought Emma home, she was shy and unsure. We have had her a few weeks now and we are so in love with her! She is potty trained and polite. She loves to play fetch with tennis balls, loves to swim with the kids and she loves to cuddle with all of us. She loves hopping onto her towel in the car and going for rides and she has been on four family hikes in the wilderness. We have watched Emma blossom in her new home with us.

From the first night we brought her home, we wondered where she might like to sleep.

Not only has she filled that empty spot in our hearts with joy & love, but the bottom of our bed isn’t empty anymore, either.

“Gotcha Day!”

We adopted Jersey, now called Ginger, one year ago this week. On 8/27, we had a “Gotcha day” dinner for Ginger that included loving grandparents, ginger ale, ginger beef, asian salad with ginger dressing, and lemon pie with ginger snap crust. Grandma Terry made Ginger a cake out of hamburger and cream cheese.

We absolutely love Ginger. She has grown up to be a very energetic, playful, incredibly loving dog. She is the alpha around here. Bosco watches out for her and licks the rain off of her…he won’t go out in the rain. Ginger squeezes in between Scott and me when we are rubbing Bosco. She wakes our daughters each day. We absolutely adore her.

She is truly sweet and very obedient most of the time. She loves policing our yard for intruders like chipmunks. She’s particularly inhospitable to moths…she eats ’em! Her long legs help her launch right over our hedges like she’s an olympic hurdler. We love to get her going after sticks and balls in the yard…she just starts zipping in a circle and the greyhound in her (?) takes over.

And Bosco is still as sweet and loving as ever. He is so mellow…he is every guest’s favorite. He sits at their feet and places his paw on any person’s lap who isn’t petting him. He patiently endures Ginger’s play attacks. He’s a great big brother and a fabulous dog also.

Just thought you’d like to see how well these two sweet hounds have benefitted from the help you gave them! Thank you thank you thank you!
We’ll keep in touch!
Melissa, Scott, Rosalind and Margot

A Perfect Fit!

We always thought we would raise our children with dogs, but when our last rescue Sammy died, our twins were just one year old and the thought of training a new dog was just too overwhelming when we were so busy with 2 babies! 7 1/2 years (and one more child) later we found Gabe through Canine Lifeline and he has filled the void that Sammy left!

Barb was wonderful to us and understood exactly what we were looking for! It was great to meet the dogs at Petco and see how our children reacted to each one. And the two week trial adoption really gave us time to get to know our new family member.

Gabe was a little overweight when he came to us and initially resisted our twice daily walks. Just a short 2 weeks later he has lost those extra pounds and seems to look forward to his walks! All he needed was some attention – and our 3 children certainly give him that! When he is not getting love, his favorite place is behind the couch – away from the noise. He is calm and knows to stay out of the way when the house gets crazy but he’s always ready for play and attention when we are!

We recently took him on a short roadtrip for a family reunion. Everyone was shocked at what a sweet, gentle, loving dog he is! As you can see from the picture – his favorite place to be is with the kids! Thank you Barb and Canine Lifeline for helping Gabe to find a loving home and for helping us to find Gabe!
The Piccolo Family

Princess Josie

I had been leaving hints to Jenny that I wanted a second dog since about Christmas of 2011. We had Rusty, who is a boxer mix that Jenny adopted from Canine Lifeline in March of 2011. I think it was really Rusty who convinced Jenny to allow us to look for another dog; I could tell that he really wanted a friend to be his full-time play mate.

In early February we seriously started looking, and of course were looking to adopt through Canine Lifeline. I first noticed Maddie (now Josie) online; she is a beautiful Yellow Lab/Basset mix with big brown eyes. She reminded me of my parent’s dog and I begged Jenny to let us meet her. She agreed, and once we met Maddie, we knew she was the perfect dog to add to our family.

We changed her name to Josie and she has become absolute best friends with Rusty!! They are practically inseparable. Josie and Rusty both love going on car rides and for walks in the park, they love visiting their grandparents houses and causing chaos, and they both always want to be cuddled at the exact same time! Josie has helped calm Rusty down and is helping him to become less shy around strangers. She has been a huge blessing in our lives and I can tell Rusty is a much happier dog. One of the best things about Josie is her hugs!

Rusty and Josie recently got a big present, as we fenced in our yard this summer. We all spend a lot more time outside now. Josie and Rusty love chasing squirrels and balls, playing in the hose, and just relaxing in the sunshine. I would have to admit our dogs are very spoiled, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! We would like to say thank you to Barb, Lynn, Stephanie, and everyone else with Canine Lifeline, without your sacrifice we would not be so blessed.

Has a Place in Our Home and in Our Hearts “Fur”ever!

We had been looking for a furry brother for our maltipoo, Obi, for some time, and when we saw “Cheeto’s” face on Adopt-a-Pet, we knew we had to look no further! We fell in love at first sight, and were THRILLED that our application was chosen! Canine Lifeline found “Cheeto” at a rural kill shelter in Kentucky, and prior to that this little sweetie was a stray. When we took him into our arms at our meet-and-greet, there was no going back. He was perfect.

As soon as we got him home, we knew we had the perfect name for him, and he learned it within hours! His name is Harvey because half of his muzzle is black and half of it’s white, kind of like Two Face from “Batman,” whose real name is Harvey Dent. Harvey suits him perfectly! We’ve even started calling him Harvey Moo because his markings look like that of a cow.

Not only is he adorable, he’s sweet as can be to everyone he meets. He wants to be wherever we are, and if we have a free hand, he makes sure it’s on him, preferably scratching his tummy! He’s about two years old (and came to us completely up-to-date on vaccinations and preventatives, and was neutered), and he cuddles like a old man and plays like a puppy. He has such a little personality! He makes the funniest, craziest little noises. He also has a slight obsession with all of our flip flops. He doesn’t chew on them, he just finds them all and puts them into a pile on the living room floor…what a funny boy!

He and Obi have become best friends and share very well; we’ve even caught them spooning in bed at night! They’ve already rubbed off on each other in the best possible ways; Harvey is helping Obi with his anxiety, and Obi is helping Harvey with his house training. Having our Obi’s unconditional love and puppy kisses truly saved us during this past year, which was an especially difficult one for us, and having Harvey’s has done so all over again! It feels like he’s always been with us! These two, sweet, wonderful animals have brought so much joy and laughter into our family’s lives. In fact, we were all snuggling the other night, and as I watched Harvey snoozing on my lap, I was so grateful that HE found US and we were able to give him a forever home, a family, and more love (and treats) than he’d know what to do with!

Happy Hal

We adopted Hal, now Brutus, in June and we couldn’t have found a nicer dog. He is doing fine in his new home and getting along great with his sister Lady.  Brutus is a gentle giant. He loves to run around the yard and play. He’s still adapting to home life, the sounds in the house and outside the house. He loves his new home and we love him to. Thank You Canine Lifeline we are very happy with Brutus ( Hal ).


Anse (formerly Becker) is as sweet as they come, snugly and playful with a tail that never stops wagging. He loves investigating the neighborhood on his walks and meeting new friends on the trails. He never misses an opportunity to splash in puddles or take a quick dip in a kiddie pool if given the chance, though baths are not a favorite. A gentle paw and a sheepish look lets you know it is time for cuddling. When Anse and Kitty are left to their own devises, mischief is sure to follow. As fun as he is loving, Anse has become a great new addition to our family.

How Captain completed our family.

We adopted Captain (then named “Copper”) nearly a year ago. We knew we wanted to adopt a rescue and we were attracted to Canine Lifeline because of the two-week in-home trial. We met Captain during a weekend pet-meet at the Macedonia Pet-Smart. There we were able to meet lots of dogs and see how they interacted with people and other animals. Captain was a smaller dog, seemingly quite calm in the chaos, and clearly afraid of strangers. When we tried to pet him for the first time, he cringed and flopped onto his back. We decided to go home and discuss him. The next day, we decided to start our in-home trial.

Captain remained sweet, very docile, and proved eager to please. He was, at first, unaware that elimination should take place outside, but he was a quick study. We did tons of research on dog behavior and training. Then we began implementing our strategy. It took about a week for Captain to trust the three of us to pet him without being afraid. About a month after we had him, we hosted a Halloween party, at which, Captain chose to stay outside to avoid the people and noise.

After nearly a year of constant love and carefully consistent training, Captain has recovered greatly from his past and is more wonderful than we could have imagined. He has learned a variety of commands–he can sit, lay down, speak, go into his kennel, go to his bed, get into the car, get out of the car, get into a lap, get out of a lap, jump, hold, heel, stand on his back legs, urinate on command, shake, and go to his food bowl. He is no longer afraid of strangers and will introduce himself to guests and people walking by.

I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point during the year, Captain became more to us than a pet. He really is a part of the family. I can no longer remember what it was like before his sweet, uncomplicated love and affection were present in our home. I only know that he has completed our little family–now of four–and we are very thankful to Canine Lifeline for saving his life.

T-Bone’s Story

We adopted T-Bone (formerly Ace) in April 2010, shortly after he became available after being treated for heartworm. He is the absolute best dog. He is patient, kind and literally takes treats with his lips (no teeth!). He makes friends with everyone he meets (dogs and humans) but his best friend in the whole world is his cousin, Baron (a yellow lab). He also loves his cat brother and after some time, the cat has learned to love him too! We had our first baby in August 2011 and T-Bone has been wonderful with our daughter. He is always kind to her and gives her lots of kisses. She absolutely adores him, giving him a huge smile whenever he comes in the room. We are so grateful to Canine Lifeline for saving T-Bone.

Lovable Lupine

Almost three months ago my family was lucky enough to adopt Little Miss Lupine from Canine Lifeline. She is such a sweet little ball of happiness! She loves to play with her big doggy sister Izzy, and her kitty sister Timber. Lupine loves to visit with her school pals at The Mutt Hutt when I have to work and then we go on all kinds of adventures, hiking in the park, swimming at the lake, playing chase in the back yard, doggy yoga, and visiting the grandparents. Lupine is the pup I have always wanted and we all feel so lucky to have found her! Thank you Canine Lifeline for saving our Little Lupine!

Clipsy Dixie

I wasn’t looking for another dog when I saw her face posted on Canine Lifeline’s facebook page. I showed my husband and he said we don’t need another dog. But…we are husky fans at heart. He called and asked if we could meet Eclipse. She spent a day with us on trial and we decided that we couldn’t live without her. Our small house (that is up for sale) would just have to make room for another dog. She came to us spayed, wormed, heartworm free and up to date on all of her shots. I know she came from a county pound in TN, but don’t know her background or her breeding. It doesn’t matter. She is a young husky mix dog, full of energy and a big heart.

She has adjusted well to our two other dogs – 1 big & elderly and 1 small & playful. She is high energy, but can slow down instantly if you start petting her head. At night, she sits quietly next to my young daughter’s bed to be petted, when they are both supposed to be sleeping! She came with 1 blue and 1 brown eye and the name Eclipse (changed to Clipsy Dixie by my daughter). When she goes crazy and runs through the house like a whirlwind, we blame it on the wild blue eye.

In less than a month Dixie adjusted to our routine…going out in the pen, staying in the kennel while we are at work, car rides, walks around the park in the evening and sleeping upstairs with us at night. She just finished a six week basic obedience class (which I would recommend for all dogs). She passed her Canine Good Citizen test and will be taking her Therapy Dog International test next month. I think she is an excellent candidate for therapy, rally obedience and agility work. I’m amazed that one dog can be such a nice dog with huge potential. And I’m glad that she was a rescue dog! We are lucky to have her in our family and she will have a good home for the rest of her life. Thank you Canine Lifeline for all that you do to help find forever homes for dogs in need!

Lucky Penny

We were the lucky ones that adopted “Erin” on June 2nd; she now goes by Penny though. She is the sweetest dog and everyone falls in love with her instantly! When we first got her she had an ear and eye infection, but with some eye drops and ear cleaning solution they both cleared up with no problem. Canine Lifeline was great in helping us take care of her during that two week trial period, and we decided to continue taking her to Macedonia Vet Clinic because they are incredibly nice and we love the atmosphere.

Penny has really come out of her shell and made herself at home. If you compare her pictures from when Canine Lifeline first got her (as Erin) to our thousands of pictures of her now, it’s like a different dog! She loves meeting all the other dogs in the neighborhood, and playing outside. Her favorite thing in the world is going on walks; she wags her tail the entire walk! Thanks to Penny, Chris and I have lost at least 15 pounds from when we got her…we walk her about 5-8 times a day because she loves it so much!

She has had several play dates, and gets along great with all dogs. Penny loves to snuggle and get her belly rubbed. When I come home from work she runs up to me and puts her head between my knees, which means “Welcome home! Now please scratch my belly!” We couldn’t be happier with her! We want to thank Canine Lifeline for giving us the opportunity to share our love with Penny!

Jaxson- a heeler or healer?

Dear Canine Lifeline,

Greg and I wanted to update you on the newest member of our pack, Jaxson. When we adopted Jaxson (Blue Heeler/Corgi) a few months ago, his guardians were referring to him as Starbucks, but that name just didn’t click with us. It took several days, but he responded well to his new name and it stuck.

Jax is fitting in extremely well. As a recovered heartworm victim in addition to obviously being a bit shaken by his new surroundings, he took it easy at first and was quite distressed. After just about a week though he and his new sister, Sophie, started wrestling and chasing each other and have seldom stopped since! He loves to play but never hesitates to stop and cuddle when the opportunity presents itself. A day bad is stopped dead in its tracks when Jaxson enters the room. He might a Blue Heeler mix, but he’s another kind of healer too :-)

Included are a couple of photos that help speak loudly to what a happy, healthy canine he is. In one, he is posing with his sis (a corgi/terrier) during a camping trip. In the other, he’s comfortably basking in his favorite spot at home.

We can’t thank you enough for taking care of Jaxson and helping him find a good home. We simply adore him and it seems he’s quite fond of us too.

With deepest appreciation,

Jamey Graham and Greg Emmert

My Forever Home

I’m Baxter. My moms call me Bax, Baxy, and Big Boy. Really, I don’t care what name I have as long as I’m loved. And boy…am I loved! I have an older beagle sister, and two cats siblings that I love to play with – or at least try to play with – sometimes, I forget that I’ve got a good 50 pounds on the cats. But I digress. I started this thing called obedience class and, if the number of treats I’m getting is any indication, I’m doing pretty well.

I get to go on two long walks every day, and I have so many toys, it’s unbelievable. My one mom says I may be spoiled. I don’t know what that means, but I think I like it.

I love to explore the big back yard, and when I get tired, I curl up in the shade and hang out. I love to chase the lawnmower and squirrels. Being outside is pretty fun because I can run and romp around.

My moms have this scary thing inside their house – I think they’re called stairs. I am working up the courage to tackle them but boy, there’s sure a lot of them! I’ll get the hang of it sooner or later. In the meantime, I’m content to hang out on the big dog bed by the window (I think Mom calls it a couch, and she keeps shooing me off of it).

I love my new home and my new life – thanks Canine Lifeline for giving me a second chance. My family loves me!

Brothers from other mothers!

We adopted Nacho (aka Tiny Tim) nearly one year ago from Canine Lifeline. He has been the most amazing dog! He loves to snuggle….like under the sheets wrapped around your legs snuggle! He is so sweet and everyone that meets him wants to take him home with them – but of course we would NEVER let that happen. He has changed out lives forever and we know that we’ve certainly changed his :)

When we adopted Nacho, we already had a cat at home. We were extremely nervous about the relationship that they would have. When we brought Nacho in for the first time, Mya simply walked right past him without even acknowledging that he was there (typical Mya behavior). This was their relationship for the first few months, however slowly we began to see Mya warming up to Nacho and despite her best efforts, we even caught her snuggling in Nacho’s belly for warmth from time to time. Nacho was very protective of Mya and because we believe he longed for a “pack” to call his own, Mya became the closest thing to that he had probably ever had. Unfortunately, Mya was a very sick, old cat. We ended up having to put her down after fighting feline CRF for many years. Nacho was clearly depressed upon bringing an empty crate back to the house. Nacho loves having a companion to play with when we’re at work as well as someone to watch over and protect. He’s very manly in that way :).

So about two months later, right around Christmas, we decided that Nacho needed a sister; a lady friend perhaps and we knew that Canine Lifeline was the only place to go! We made an appointment to visit with three dogs; two girls and one boy. As soon as we got there Nacho was ready to play. Because we thought that a girl would be that best fit, we tried play dates with both the ladies first. We told ourselves before walking in that Nacho would ultimately pick the dog that we took home and the two girls just weren’t a match. We were pretty sad because we knew that typically two males don’t work well together but we gave it a shot and asked to bring in Chewy. If you have ever seen Chewy, he is a VERY unique dog with a lot of physical character. He has a mean underbite and a snaggle to match. His hair is very wiry and he even has a natural mohawk that needs no styling whatsoever. As soon as Nacho and Chewy saw one another it was as if they had been friends for life and were being reunited for the first time in years. Who would have thought-Nacho was into men?!

Needless to say, Chewy, who has since been renamed GRIZZ, has become a part of our family and more importantly, has become Nacho’s brother – his wolf pack. They are like two peas in a pod, literally. They lay together constantly and play endlessly. Nacho has even learned how to break Grizz out of his cage when we’re gone because he can’t stand being away from him for that long! Grizz is however very different from Nacho. He is sneaky, loves getting into trouble and finds anything and EVERYTHING to eat. We always say…Nacho is our prince and Grizz is like our court jester ;) Nacho brings the looks and charm, while Grizz brings the jokes! I mean look at him, you can only help but laugh at that grizzly looking face!

Without Nacho and Grizz our lives would be less fulfilled. They are our kids and we treat them as if they are just that. Thanks Canine Lifeline for everything that you do – you truly are making the lives of dogs better with every adoption!!

It’s Marbles!

I adopted Marbles from Canine Lifeline about 3 months ago after the tragic loss of my SAR/best friend K9 Ace. I knew that I wanted to continue training dogs for search and rescue work and started screening dogs “in need of rescue” for the job, which is how I came to know Marbles.

The thing about Marbles, he really loves people, so much in fact that he will start trembling and yipping with excitement just to get the chance to go rescue them. Person under a tarp, no problem, he just does the army crawl right under it until he finds a face to lick! Hilarious. And the best part? These strange people that keep getting lost love to play fetch! That is soooo awesome!

Thank you to all who helped save Marbles, he is a very loving dog with an outstanding temperament and is showing great promise as a search and rescue K9, already he has completed his basic 32 hour mantrailing SAR course through the North American Search Dog Network and trains weekly in preparation for certification next spring.

Canine Lifeline, Thank you so much for all you do!

Vinny-Winston is a Great Addition to our Family

We love Winston — who was called Vinny when he was with you. He is a great dog. He fits right in with our family. He wants to play all the time and is very personable. He likes all the other dogs at my husbands dog care job–and is very popular in the neighborhood.

Thank you for bringing us together.

Doesn’t get any better than this!

Hi Everyone! We can’t express enough our joy with the adoption of our Sullivan. He is such a wonderful pup and we are just in love with him. He is so big but thinks he is a lap dog :). He has become best friends with our other dog, Newman, and they follow each other everywhere. He is so sweet with my kids and just enjoys being loved by them. He sleeps with me and my husband and watches over us with a wagging tail at all times. He has added so much to our family and couldn’t imagine life without him now.

Barb was just fantastic and many thanks to her for taking such great care of our boy until he found his forever home with us. We have been recommending Canine Lifeline to all our friends and family and we speak so highly of your organization.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For our Sully!!!

Paws and Effect

Hi, there! We adopted a lovable boxer named Tango 3 weeks ago today!! He is such a wonderful ball of energy and he has brought a lot of love and laughter to our family. He’s full of character and always keeps us smiling. He even started singing along one night when my husband picked up his accordion and began to play!! That was such a riot! He’s such a good boy and we are so happy he found us. I am attaching two pictures, one of Tango with his two boxer cousins and another of Tango with his boxer cousins and my 4 grandkids. We love our pack and are so glad to give Tango his fur-ever home!! Welcome to the family, Tango!!!

If My Friends Could See Me Now !!!

Saturday March 24th was the day my life changed. I was hanging out at Petco with all my furry four legged friends just waiting for that special person. Then . . . she walked into my life. As she scanned the lot of dogs I heard her telling the volunteers she had come to see two specific 20 lbs. dogs. Well, I thought, I am a beautiful, maturing Boxer/Mix lady. I am heavier than 20 pounds, that’s true, but just look at me -solid muscle and perfectly proportioned. I am strong and will protect you, your family and home. I am so gentle and love to give big kisses. All I want is that you love me, play with me, feed me, take me on walks and let me cuddle up next to you. “Lady, hey lady. Look at me.” And she did. She took my leash and I walked her around Petco. There was a lot of chatting between her, the volunteers and into a little black box she held to her ear. She took my picture and the next thing I knew I was “helping her” pick out my new pink leash, PINK harness, food, toys and treats. She did a great job.

I got in her car and let her drive me to my new home-to-be. Wow!!! They have a big yard, a ginormous house and well, two furry four legged creatures with very sharp claws. I learned quickly to stay clear of those creatures when they hiss and swat their claws around. Her husband is great and I won his heart immediately. (Of course) Well, who wouldn’t love me-I’m so gorgeous, happy, I listen, walk nicely on the gentle leader they bought me and I already know some of my commands. My first week at my new home-to-be was fun. After they decided I would be permitted to sit on the furniture, I scoped-out and tested the comfort level of various future lounging/napping places: the couch, the chair, the huge new doggy bed they bought me, my huge new crate with soft bedding, the hardwood floors (hmm-not my first choice), the carpeted floors and of course-the humans’ bed.

Yep-these humans and their home will be just fine for me. Now, to get those other furry creatures (They keep calling them “pussycats”) to like me. They will see how much fun I am and I am not aggressive- I just want to play. I like my new forever home and family. My new mom talks about fun agility classes and maybe becoming a Therapy Dog so I can help other humans. I can’t wait. The no-traction hardwood floors are going to take some getting use to.

My husband and I want to thank Canine Lifeline for rescuing Duchess and giving us the opportunity to give her a forever home. We officially adopted Duchess April 4th. WE LOVE HER!!!! Thank you Canine Lifeline for everything you do.

Duchess, Heather + Troy

Lucy – The Sweetest Dog Ever!

We lost our beloved dog in June & waited till we knew we were “ready.”

Lucy met us at Petco with Barb & it was love at first site. Her tail hasn’t stopped wagging since. She took a couple of days to decide if this was her “forever” home. She tried out the couch & her new bed & seemed to say “Yep , this is it.” She enjoys several walks a day & loves the little girl next door & all the neighbor dogs are greeted with a wag. She is such a well behaved Lady.

She sits for her treats & only barks at squirrels- (they tease her from the fence). We are so happy to have her. She brings smiles to our faces everyday!

One Happy Dog

Our family adopted Fred on February 12 and he has fit into our family beautifully. After a little transition time, Fred has made himself at home and enjoys sleeping, snuggling and long walks around the neighborhood. He has the sweetest disposition with our three children and loves everyone. He is simply a gentle giant. We can’t thank Barb enough for helping place him with us and we’ve been so impressed with Canine Lifeline. Thank you for the wonderful work you do and be assured that Fred is well-loved!

Second Chance

Little did I know that one Saturday, during volunteering, I would be fostering (for the first time) and eventually adopting a dog. It was one of the best decisions that we ever made! Roscoe has been the perfect companion. We fostered him and we REALLY gave him a chance, to get to know us and vice-versa. He has adapted and knows that this is his forever home. His favorite spot is the top of the couch where he can look out the window. He loves his walks and all of his new toys and antlers (the ultimate healthy chew). Also, he loves to visit his furry cousins and he has been reunited with my Mom’s Canine Lifeline rescues.

Thank you Canine Lifeline for all your hard work and dedication; it is truly incredible and much appreciated. All of these dogs are amazing. It really helps to give them time and attention and the situation will turn out very positive, successful, and enduring. Just ask our Roscoe!


Mary and Jonathan

Dancer Does

Thought I’d give all my old friends an update on the continuing saga I call my life. I finally got adopted by this awesome lady. She GETS me!! We go on at least 3 walks a day, rain or shine, warm or cold. She has bought me all the toys I love. My favorite is what I like to call “my Dewey Duck”. It is real tough canvas so I can get a little rough with it and I do! She lets me toss it all round and get a little of my energy out. And the treats…..mmmmmm. I think I’ve pretty much charmed her to submission on that point.

I have to work for this good life my friends. I am learning manners and have to try real hard to remember everything she wants me to do. And you know how hard it is to “stay” when those cocky squirrels are just taunting you! My big job though is to make sure my owner walks good and hard with me. She’s trying to get fit or something. The reason for the job is a little vague, all I know is I have a job and plenty of food, excercise and love. I am a lucky dog!
I hope you all get the same chance I got this time. It’s a good life. Signing off for now, your friend, Dancer

Best Birthday Present

We started looking for a dog because my son was begging for one as a present for his 8th birthday. I stumbled upon Canine Lifeline while searching online and Carlie’s face just drew me in. However my son had his mind set on a different dog that he saw on the website. I discussed what we were looking for with Barb and arranged to meet of few of the dogs at Petco. After some thought, Barb decided the dog my son had his heart set on would not be a good match for us. At first he was upset, but I convinced him to meet some of the other dogs and see what he thought. I was so happy when he met and attached right away to Carlie. She is the most gentle, sweet little girl and we just couldn’t be any happier with her! With the warmer weather, we have been taking her out to my parents’ farm and she loves to run through the field and stream. So thankful to Canine Lifeline for matching us up with our new member of the family!

Sam’s New Home

We met Sam at an adoption event over the weekend and immediately fell in love. Sam came from Kentucky and was looking for a new home and he found it with us! He is house trained and enjoys jogging around the local park, playing fetch and of course – playing with his kong toy. He was never very shy and got acclimated to his new home and routine very quickly. He is good with other dogs, kids and even staying at home by himself without getting into trouble. He is so loving and well behaved – all he needed was a routine and some TLC. We had such a good experience working with Canine Lifeline and Barb – we had all the paper work we needed for the vet, some advice to get us new dog owners started on the right track and the process ran very smoothly. Thank you so much for our new family member!


We are so happy to have Ceili (pronounced Kaylee) as part of our family. Her name was Callie but we decided to change it. It took a few days for us to figure each other out. She is a very sweet girl who gets along great with the kids. She is especially gentle with our 2 year old even though he is not always so gentle with her. She seems to be getting more affectionate and comfortable as the days go on. We want to thank Canine Lifeline for the wonderful job they do with rescuing these dogs and finding them good homes. We know it is hard work for all of them, but it must be rewarding as well. It was easy to tell that Ceili was well taken care of by them.

One Year Adoption Birthday

Bentley came to us one year ago! Time flies, it seems he has been with us longer. He loves his human big brother and sister-who take care of him. We are thankful to have him!


About 6 weeks ago, Barb arranged for us to meet a 9 month old Aussie mix boy from a shelter in Kentucky. At first I was apprehensive about adopting such a young, energetic guy, but Barb said we could just try him out and see how he was at home. We’re so glad we did, because he’s been a wonderful guy so far! We’re always amazed at how laid back he can be. He loves to be active, but settles down perfectly at home. He’s had a few behavior issues, but with a little training he’s come a long way. We are so impressed with Barb and everyone associated with Canine Lifeline. Keep up the good work!

Cinnamon & Andy

I wanted to send you a little note to let you know that the pups are doing great! They had their vet appts yesterday and everything checked out wonderfully and the vet loved them. I have included some images of the two of them together. We are so in love with our new additions and they are getting settled into the routine of life with us. They have gotten used to their crates and love their kongs stuffed with yummy food morsels. Anyway, thanks again so much!

Tiffani and Justin

Brandy Picked ME!!

After losing my beloved Paulie in 2009, I felt as though my heart was going to break in two. Adopted from the APL, she was my very first dog, a sweet and gentle creature that I missed terribly. I had to do something to fill the emptiness in my heart and in my home. I’m sure my two cats, Nelson and Ernie, missed their sister as well. My sadness was unbearable so I decided to adopt another rescue dog. In searching some web sites, I came across Canine Lifeline. After looking at photos of all the adoptable dogs and phone calls and emails to Barb Wible, I decided I wanted to meet Ava. Her personality seemed to be just what I was looking for, sweet and gentle. Barb mentioned she had another dog I might like named Brandy. She had been with Barb for several months. Because of her shy nature, she was having problems finding a forever home. Although I really had my heart set on Ava, I agreed to meet Brandy as well.

The big day came, my daughter was home for Thanksgiving, and Barb introduced us to Ava. We spent some time with her and decided she was a very sweet dog but she was a little more energetic than anticipated. Next came our introduction to Brandy. The front steps to my home are very steep so Barb wasn’t sure Brandy would climb them but, without hesitation, up the steps she came!! The shyness she had shown to previous prospective owners seemed to be gone. She didn’t cower behind Barb and seemed to appreciate all the attention we gave her so I decided to keep Brandy for the two week trial period. Happily, the rest is history:o)

Brandy truly IS a wonderfully sweet and gentle girl. She is my shadow and follows me wherever I go. She weighs 50 pounds but thinks she is a lap dog and is very happy to curl up with me while I’m watching tv. She sleeps with me every night and loves having her belly rubbed until one of us, usually me, falls asleep. She LOVES to ride in the car and enjoys short walks. We spent a lot of time this summer doing yard work. Brandy was right there with me, no matter what I was doing, front yard to back yard, back and forth to the garage she went. All she wanted was to be with her mom! As for her feline brothers Nelson and Ernie, the first few weeks were a little tense but now, all three of them nap together on my bed!! Everyone who meets Brandy comments on her sweet nature and how pretty she is. Brandy is also a VERY HAPPY girl and shows it. Her tail wags like an air plane propeller; she dances around when we get up in the morning, when she gets fed, when I take her outside, when she gets in the car, and on, and on, and on. If dogs have their own way of smiling, I’m sure that’s what she does, from floppy ear to floppy ear! If everyone could be as happy as Brandy, the world would be a much better place!!

When I shared the story of Brandy’s first visit to my home, several of my friends said “Cherie, you didn’t pick Brandy…she picked YOU!” In my heart, I really feel that’s true. I’m very blessed to have her and will always be grateful to Canine Lifeline and to Barb for introducing me to my Brandy. She now has a forever home :o)

Homeward Bound

Hi! My name is Indiana, although the wonderful people at Canine Lifeline probably remember me as Corky. In December of 2010, I was found wandering the rural areas of Carroll County and wound up in a not- so- nice pound. I was only 6 months old and scared. My good friends from Canine Lifeline came to my rescue and by February of 2011, they helped me find my forever home. And what a great home it is! I have a Pomeranian sister who loves to chase me and take my toys. Since I am bigger than her, I always win tug of war! I have three kitty cousins that I love to chase around the house and I’m always getting lots of treats, toys, and bones.

I love hiding my bones around the house so my sister can’t find them. I adore going for walks with my mommy and hanging out with my grandpa. He gives me cookies and Grandma is always giving me cool toys. My mommy named me after Indiana Jones, but I am way cuter than he is! Everyone is always telling me what a handsome fella I am and how much they love me.

Thank you Canine Lifeline for helping me find my forever home!!

From Dandy to Ug, the Happy Tail of Our Goofy Guy!

I first met “Dandy” who now has been renamed “Ug”, when he came in to the hospital all but 35# of sadness. He did not have one hair on his body and literally took my breath away. I remember just seeing his sad eyes and thinking, “What kind of life have you been living?” The volunteers of Canine LifeLine didn’t give up on him, they treated him for his skin disease and made him into the happy boy he is today. He would come in for his medicated baths and every week he would feel better and better, thus bringing out his true fun loving personality.

My husband and I decided to adopt him after I had created this great relationship with Ug over a period of 6 months. He met with our other dog “Malie” and I knew they would be a perfect fit. I always told my husband that I was unsure if we could ever get another dog because I really didn’t think I could love another dog like I love our Malie girl. But sure enough…this goofy guy won us over.

It has been one year since we officially adopted Ug. And wow, what a year. I have never met a dog who literally fits the description of a true dog. He loves the water, especially the sprinkler, mostly dragging it across the lawn. He also loves his own doggy pool he plays in, lays in and splashes around in, in the summer. He takes his bones, toys and other things that are “his” outside to the yard and buries them. If he catches us watching him, he will take it and bury them somewhere else. He literally just dug up a bone he buried in our garden in JULY! He snores constantly. He eats everything: steak knives, cookies, cupcakes, mascara, our dinner at least once a week, his sisters winter jacket, blankets, decorative pillows, cat food, loaves of bread (including the wrapper) and if there’s food on the counter…consider it gone! He loves to run so fast, until his lips are flapping in the wind! He sleeps curled up next to me every night, and when I say next to me…I mean he has got to be next, or ON TOP of me.

He has definitely been an adjustment, hahaha. But, what a great guy. His personality is infectious, from our neighbors, to family, coworkers and complete strangers…they can’t help but fall in love with his goofy smile and squishy lips. We are so happy he found his way in to our heart and home. Our lives wouldn’t be the same without him. Thank you so much for taking him in and hoping he would find a home with a family who would love him unconditionally, because he definitely has!


Rudy is the second dog we adopted from Canine Lifeline. Rudy and Gigi are getting along very well together, playing, sleeping and eating. He has been a joy to have around and they keep each other company.

Rudy loves to play in the snow, never wants to come inside until he is too tired to play anymore. We take him on about a mile and a half walk twice daily (He LOVES it!!!!).

If we could we would get another dog, just because they are so eager to please, and ready to play!!!!


That Old Black Magic

Magic was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Kentucky in September 2011 by Canine Lifeline. He was about 18 months old when we adopted him in mid-October from the Canine Lifeline representative at the Macedonia Petco. After a brief adjustment period, Magic is now a full-fledged member of our family. He loves his morning walks in the neighborhood. We have given him freedom to run around our yard by getting an Invisible Fence, and we’ve graduated Beginning Training from the Macedonia PetSmart. Today is Christmas and Santa did not forget about Magic. He got an Easy Walk harness, tennis balls to chew, rawhide bones, and Beggin Strips. He is a very sensitive, loyal and smart animal and we are so honored to have him in our family.

A Letter From Bob

I don’t know if you remember me, it has been a little more than a year since you rescued me on September 23, 2010. I was in really bad shape then. Mom and Dad has made that day my birthday because it was my second chance at life. My name is Bob but, when I was with you I was Popey. It has been a really great year, full of new things and adjusting to my new family. I have a big family now who loves me a lot including my mom, dad, brother George (who is a beagle), two sets of Grandparents, cousins, uncle and aunt. I see them often and they spoil me rotten….I love it! George and I are true brothers, sometimes we argue but usually we play together and have lots of fun.

We have done so many fun things in the last year I can’t name them all!! We go on lots of fun hikes, took an agility class and go to Bow Wow Beach. Since Bow Wow Beach was closed shortly after I got my new family we went on hikes in the woods every day. Mom found some other dog mom and dads’ that hiked in the woods, so I got to meet some new dog friends and we ran around the woods together. It was so fun!! I really liked playing in the snow but, one time the snow was taller than me (having short legs has its disadvantages)! Dad plowed me a running track around the back yard…did I mention I am spoiled?

We also went to agility class when it was cold outside. I learned how to jump through hoops, walk on planks, go over a see saw and go through tunnels. I proved to everyone that small dogs can do anything the big dogs can and not to brag but I was super cute doing it!!

After the weather got warmer we started going to Bow Wow Beach and other hikes. I am very popular at Bow Wow Beach, everyone thinks I am soooooooo cute. True to my Jack Russell nature I keep all the big dogs in line and love to chase anyone who will let me (and some who don’t want to be chased). I have no fear and if someone has a ball I want, I will take it. Mom calls it “Napoleon complex”…whatever that is. The first time I tried swimming I didn’t do so well, mom thought she was going to have to get me a life jacket. I practiced and practiced and now I’m a great swimmer and love to fetch a ball way out in the lake. Although, I’m still learning to give the ball back to mom so she can throw it again.

I met a friend named Yogi at Bow Wow Beach, he looks just like me (spot on eye and all) but he is ten times bigger!!! He knows you too because you helped him find his new mom and dad. Yogi is fun to play with at the beach. We go on other hikes around the area too which is neat. I get to smell all sorts of different things and mark trees all over the place.

With all the fun we have I like to nap a lot. You had mentioned to mom and dad that you had never seen me sleep, well things have changed!! I love to cuddle with anyone who has an open lap. George and I like to nap together if no laps are available. If mom and dad aren’t in bed on time, I put myself to bed and wait for them….I need my beauty rest. I usually sleep in until 10:00 a.m. or so….life is good for this pup!!

I wanted to thank you for taking good care of me and looking for my new mom and dad so I could be healthy and have a home forever. I love my new home!! Mom and dad tell me they love me all the time and are so happy I am in their family.

We all greatly appreciate what you do for dogs that are down on their luck and need good homes.


We Chose the Perfect Pair

We love our dogs! and our dogs love us! Two weeks have gone by in a flash. Hammett has not had a poop in the house accident for over a week! He is learning “sit” and trying hard to “stay” and over all is a most lovable “lap” dog. They know their new names and come when called. Still waiting for them to officially “bark” although we have heard them growl and Dashiell “whine”. Found out the boys do not like the vacuum sweeper. When its on they run to the nearest corner.

They both are getting better on their leashes as we go for our multi-daily walks with them. We have mesh harnesses for each which have been stretched to the max so we are going to get different ones today. Walks are interesting. Any moving object has to be investigated including squirrels, sparrows, and blowing leaves. We had several near encounters with neighborhood deer  We were walking through the school playground one afternoon. Bob says “don’t move!” the boys stop and sniff – there was a 10 point deer! We kept the playground equipment between us and the deer. We went our way, the deer went his. Dashiell was on the deer scent as we dragged them away.

They spent an afternoon at Camp Bow Wow and received 5 wags! They passed their “interview” with flying colors. Their paperwork  listed Dashiell as being 28 pounds; today he weighs 33. Hammett was listed as being 31 pounds; today he weighs 37 pounds. They love their food and dog treats. We had forgotten the enjoyment of having two young dogs in the house. We chose the perfect pair!

Robert & Barb

Dax meets his matches…

I adopted my first dog from a shelter in August 2010. I had a very difficult time adjusting to life with a puppy especially because he has so much energy! I considered many options and decided training and getting a friend was the way that I would deal with his energy. I debated between two dogs and after meeting both I decided to see if Durango was a good fit. Dax and Durango hit it off immediately! It was instant play and I thought my problems were solved. While my dog was less hyper I couldn’t get the second dog, Bravo out of my mind so I ended us adopting him too! I tell everyone that 3 dogs are easier than 1 was!

My boys have a blast together playing in the backyard, going to the dog park and sharing the couch. I recently went through a divorce and I don’t know if I would have been as strong had it not been for these dogs. They were comforting, entertainment, and a way to preoccupy myself from the troubles in my life. I hope that I can give them a forever home they deserve! Without Canine Lifeline I would not have these precious dogs in my life and two very special dogs’ lives would have been lost. Thank you Barb, Lynn, and all the volunteers who act so selflessly and rescue so many amazing dogs!


I adopted Rusty from Canine Lifeline in March of 2011, and I have never laughed so much in my entire life! I began looking for a companion around this time to help myself get through the tragic loss of another dog I had previously. I was looking for a silly, playful, friendly, and of course cute dog to keep me occupied and help me move on from the harsh reality I was going through. My best friend had adopted from Canine Lifeline the year before, so when I told her I was ready and wanted a new dog friend, she immediately took to Canine Lifeline’s website and sent me the dogs she thought I might like. So I looked at her suggestions and continued to browse the rest of Canine Lifeline’s website. And there he was, the handsome Rusty, showcasing the “Boxer underbite” and all. He brought an instant smile to my face and I just knew I had to meet him. I e-mailed Barb that night and told her I was interested in Rusty, and gave her a few other names as well (just in case Rusty was already being looked at.) So I arranged to go out to the Petco Adoptions that weekend to meet Rusty and two other dogs. As soon as I saw Rusty in person and got kisses from him, I knew he was the one for me. I started my two-week trial the next day, and after one week updated Barb and told her that Rusty had made himself at home and that he was a keeper!

For still being considered in the puppy stages, Rusty was fairly well behaved and I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. He learned how to go down the stairs and climb into a car, and we worked on potty training. Rusty is also a graduate from Pets Mart Beginners Dog Training class. Rusty is about as crazy as they come! He is full of life and energy, and never misses a beat. He can be pretty clumsy at times, which makes for great entertainment, and often flashes his “smile” for pictures, which you just can’t help but laugh at. Rusty enjoys car rides, play time at the dog park, visiting Grandma and Grandpa’s house, and pestering other dogs to play and cause chaos alongside him.

Rusty is exactly what I was looking for and exactly what I needed earlier this year. I am so happy I’ve been able to provide him with a loving and safe home, and truly believe he saved me just as much, if not more than I saved him!

And then came Norman. . .

We swore that we would never get another dog. Empty nesters, approaching our golden years, we decided that our dog owning days should remain behind us and we contented ourselves with an aged and amiable cat. But always the dog lover, I wandered into a pet store to get a toy as a gift for a friend who just got his first puppy; in the store was this adorable, sweet dog, looking for a home through Caninelifeline. I was smitten, by the dog and by the kindness and dedication of his accompanying volunteer. So I went home and went on the website. The dog at the pet store was immediately adopted but in searching through the pictures and bio, I spotted an appealing melancholic looking beagle/dachshund mix named Norman. Assuming the demeanor of a seven year old child, I approached my husband with ” can I have him, can I have him?” We did our meet at Petco and found that his quiet, low-key attitude was perfect for our quiet low key lifestyle. The trial period quickly transformed into an adoption. Rather than being a responsibility, Norman as become an asset in our lives. He is kind, gentle, and a great companion on a daily walk. And we share the remote. So never say never as we had done with our no-more-dog vow. And then came Norman

A Home at Last

Major came to live at my farm in August of 2010 after being with Canine Lifeline for 5 months and trying out a couple of other homes that just weren’t right for him. Even though it makes me a little sad to think of all the places he has been (especially when I found his petfinder page from when he was in the county pound) I am so glad he made that journey to end up with me. He developed a lot of anxiety when he was first settling in but with the help of a great behaviorist he is doing loads better and hopefully we should be able to return to training classes next year.

Major is the perfect farm dog and he adores having so much space to run around, although he’s always fenced in or on a leash so he doesn’t end up lost and alone ever again. He mouses better than any barn cat, loves playing with the sheep and even chased off a ram who was trying to attack me. Major’s most important job, however, is keeping my spot on the couch warm. He never fails to make me laugh with his crazy antics and I can’t imagine not seeing his freckle face every day.

Thank you so much for giving him a second chance (or two) so we could end up together!

Gigi’s Forever Home

On Oct 8, 2011, we went to the Macedonia Petco, just to look at the adoptable dogs. We saw a couple that we were interested in, but Gigi stood out to me. We have had a wonderful time during the trial period, but when the two weeks were up I couldn’t bear to take her back. Gigi has alot of energy which is great for my kids, they can tired each other out :). Potty training we had some issues, but we worked through them. She truly has brought joy and happiness into our home, she has found her forever home. Thank you Canine Lifeline for all you do to save these animals.

Gunther’s a Welcome Addition to Our Family

Tiny seems very happy in his new home with human mom, dad and canine sister Zena. He loves wrestling with Zena, long walks, running on his favorite beach then splashing in the lake. He especially enjoys his peanut butter filled kong. Tiny is a real cuddle bug, very playful and a welcome addition to our family. We really love him and we think he loves us too. Canine Lifeline was a pleasure to work with. Barb Wible has gone above and beyond in setting up get-togethers with our family to make sure Tiny would adjust well to his new home. Oh, and he has a new name now, Gunther.

Zeke :)

I purchased a home in February 2010 and quickly decided it was missing something. I started looking on websites and came across a few dogs I liked on Canine Lifeline’s site. When I contacted Barb about the dogs I was interested in, all of them had meetings set up with families. Barb suggested that I take a look at Zeke after I described what I was looking for in a dog. So I met with him a few weeks later in March and was instantly in love! He walked right into my house and jumped on the couch.

From the beginning he just seemed right at home, like he was meant to be here. He was the picture perfect dog…for about a week. Then my little guy decided he didn’t much like being left alone. He ate his way out of a door ( I even briefly considered changing his name to Houdini because he got out of everything I put him in!), ate my brand new furniture and used my house as his own personal potty place. He was a puppy to the core. Loved chewing, playing and just being everywhere and anywhere. He still likes chewing (he just does it appropriately now), loves walks and the dog park and chasing around his kitties Max and Emme.

It was very hard to leave because I was never really sure what I would come home to. I briefly considered giving him back, but in the end couldn’t go through with it. He was just the sweetest thing in the world, and we immediately bonded. As I write this, he has his head on my lap watching everything I’m doing.

I had to make some accommodations for Zeke and work really hard with him to get over his separation anxiety, but it was all worth it. I truly from the bottom of my heart want to thank everyone at Canine Lifeline for everything they do. I also want to thank Barb for her suggestion of Zeke because he truly is the light of my life! I truly don’t know what I would do without him!

Bringing Doogie Home

DoogieMy heart was broken. We lost our beloved Sadie to hemangiosarcoma in 2010. I struggled with the decision of whether or not to wait before bringing another dog into our house. It sort of seemed disrespectful to Sadie’s memory to even be thinking of getting another dog. But, the house was very empty. It doesn’t hurt to look at the various pet websites, does it?

Checking pet websites became my obsession. It was like Sadie was whispering in my ear, “I miss you, too, but give another dog the same love you gave me!” So, I listened to that voice in my heart. Fate took over when one day when I signed into petfinder.com and up popped a picture of Clancy. Clancy was a Golden Retriever mix. The picture I fell in love with showed him with his fur all matted, calling me with his beautiful goldish-brown eyes. He was saved from certain death at a kill shelter by Canine Lifeline.

A half hour from the time I emailed the link to my husband and he wrote back “go for him,” Clancy was no longer posted. Panicked, I found Barb Wible’s email, quickly expressing my interest. Barb had not meant to post Clancy as she had another interested couple. The other family was looking for a smaller dog, and the rest is history. Clancy came to live with us.

The story could end here with a happy ending — great dog with a sweet disposition and a gentle soul is rescued by Canine Lifeline and finds a new home. His name is changed to Doogie, and without a doubt, he’s one lucky dog.

But, I have a different perspective because the way I see it, Doogie rescued me!

Doogie easily moved in. He was our first experience with a rescued dog. But, we knew after the first day that we would be signing his adoption papers when the two-week trial period ended.

Then it happened. I lost my job of 10 years. This happened only months after losing my only sibling, my dear brother, and then losing Sadie. 2010 was turning into an extremely difficult year for me.

Now a year later, I shudder to think about how empty this house would be without Doogie. He has been my constant companion, my walking buddy, my shoulder to lean on. His mellow demeanor has taught me to slow down and smell the roses. I believe that “things” come into a person’s life when they are most needed, and that timing is everything. The stars were aligned to bring this dog to me just when I needed him. He may be a rescued dog, but he has certainly rescued me!

And, all this would’ve never happened had there not been the dedicated group of women who started Canine Lifeline!

This little story is told to thank Sadie for her part in bringing Doogie to us (either real or imaginary; you decide.) And, to thank Canine Lifeline for their role in bringing Doogie home!

Travis Completes Us

Travis and KatieAfter losing our family dog in December 2008, we felt that we needed another pet to complete our family. We knew we wanted to rescue a mature dog, so we quickly started searching the internet for a suitable pet, and that’s when we found Travis. He’s a loving dog who enjoys playing with tennis balls, stuffed animals and a 4 year old named Katie. Travis is patient and gentle and puts up with a lot of affection (sometimes too much!). We are so grateful to have him as part of our family.

The Hansen’s

Chloe is the Greatest Gift

ChloeChloe was found abandoned and heartworm positive in June of 2009. After being spayed and treated for heartworm, she was adopted in August. It is assumed by the rescuer and the veterinarian that she was used as a breeder in a puppy mill.

Chloe’s adopted mother realized quickly that she had never been an indoor dog. She cocked her head when the TV was on and did not know how to negotiate steps. She was quickly housebroken and now races up and down the stairs, usually chasing her brother.

Chloe has been a joy since day one and is the most loving and appreciative dog one could hope for. She and her brother both go to doggie day care twice a week to socialize with other dogs. The day care staff sometimes report that she is “bossy” and likes to chase other dogs away from her brother. She is never aggressive; just playful. She is also very playful at home and likes to chew on toys and play tug-of-war. She listens very well, is never destructive and loves everyone she meets–even cats!

Please consider adopting a rescue dog like Chloe. It will be the greatest gift you can give yourself and they’ll have the time of their lives!

Max is a True Joy


As you can see in the photos, he and my kids get along swimmingly. Max is the epitome of man’s best friend. From the first day we got him to the present, Max wants to be loved. He stays close at all times, even nuzzling up to us in bed.

He is a terror to squirrels and other backyard “guests,” and it’s very entertaining to watch Max gallop across the yard and scare his “friends” out of their wits.

Max is a truly wonderful dog, and we are thrilled to have him. Thanks to you for making this such an easy transition and for helping us find the newest member of our family.

Bryce Bounces Back from Hip Surgery

BryceI met Bryce on August 15, 2008 at a time in my life when I really needed a new friend. He’d just undergone hip surgery, and carried his rear right leg when he ran. He had eyes that looked more feline than canine, and a relaxed, calm air about him. I took a chance, and although we’ve had some rough spots, I couldn’t imagine life without him. He loves to go for walks, and gets complimented wherever we go! He has an even disposition, and gets along with all two- and four-legged creatures. He thinks I don’t know that he still sneaks up on the couch at night. I tell everyone that’ll listen about the “angel” that rescued him, repaired his hip and nursed him back to health before I met him- I hate to think what would have become of him if it weren’t for Barb and the other shelter volunteers. Bryce is big and dumb and lovable. He has enhanced my life in many ways.


Pepper Fits in Like He’s Been Here Forever!

PepperI knew finding a dog that was good with kids, cats, and other dogs would be difficult! With three kids I wouldn’t have the time to train a puppy! I needed a dog that was young enough to play with, but old enough to already know the basics. His name was Pepper-I saw his picture on Petfinder and fell in love!!! At first I called just to see if he was available and if he was even close to being compatible. Barb offered to bring him over and if I felt comfortable, to try him out. It was the best choice WE ever made!!! I could tell right away he was the perfect dog for us!! He loved the kids and he and my senior cat Mario have turned out to be the best of friends!

He has brought lots of love into our house and we return the favor! He loves trips to the pet store and short rides in the car. As grateful as he is to have a family, we are even more grateful to have a great friend! My oldest was afraid of dogs-now she holds his leash, plays fetch, and fills his water bowl. When he first came, he didn’t eat so my two daughters sat on the floor and hand fed him! Now he sleeps at the side of my bed and follows me everywhere! I couldn’t imagine why anyone would abandon such a loyal, loving, and obedient animal.

PepperI am grateful for people like Barb who make a noble effort to save dogs like Pepper. There are many like him that get left behind by neglectful owners. I couldn’t imagine leaving him. I don’t know how anyone could! I’ve had him for 6 months and he fits in like he’s been here forever!! Sure he has a few hang ups–he drinks out of the toilet, gets car sick and snores, but compared to the problems other dogs have I think we did GREAT!!! He’s the best dog I’ve ever owned! I love him like a child! My kids bug him–my toddler lays all over him! There’s not an aggressive bone in his body! It took him months just to bark! I love my dog, sometimes I wondered who rescued whom!

-The Lynch Family

Big Mac Attack

I lost a beloved dog in March. My 2 cats adored him! I waited for months before looking for another dog. I had to be picky. Due to my work schedule, I needed a dog that was house-broken. Also, obviously, I needed a dog who was cat-friendly. I was prepared for an “older” dog at this point. Barb introduced me to a pooch who was at that time named Toby. When she brought him over, I knew he was no longer Toby, as I already have a very close friend with a Toby!!!! My new boy was Mac!!! The moment he leapt out of her car, l I knew my search was over!!!!! He is kind to all he meets!! The cats knew right off the bat that this guy was OK!!!!!!!!!!! Mac came as advertised.. housebroken, cat-friendly, and gorgeous!!! Mac is 3 and a half years old. My guy Mac is more than I could have asked for… I thank Barb for her gift to me.. he is a perfect dog.. Barb…….thank you… !!!!!!! Bobby

Oscar’s Second Chance

We adopted Oscar from Canine Lifeline last March. At the time he had been with his Foster; Barb for about 2 months. He had been picked up as a stray by the Youngstown Dog Warden. After contacting Canine Lifeline; we setup a time to meet. Although we knew all along that we wanted to adopt a rescue we had to make sure that Oscar would be a good fit for our family and specifically our 5 year old. Barb was very understanding of our desire to have a trial run with Oscar before committing to a permanent adoption. After a week or two we realized that we had a great match and finalized the adoption.

Oscar has truly become the fourth member of our family. Which is fitting because besides a ban from the human furniture, (he has his own) he is treated as one. He goes with us everywhere. He watches our son’s soccer games and plays teddy bear to the teammates younger siblings on the sideline. He runs along side of us as we go biking through the woods and swims right along with us during the hot summer on the lake. He gives our son courage and escorts him upstairs past the things that go bump in the night. He really is a special dog.

We truly appreciate Canine Lifeline’s work in giving Oscar a second chance. And in the spirit of the organization; we often recount to his admirers how somebody saw such great possibility in an old stray dog.

Thanks again;

Randall, Ann, and Miles

Rocky’s a Keeper!

I know it hasn’t been 2 weeks yet, but there’s no doubt I’m keeping Dorsey!!! I couldn’t ever part with him, I was attached the moment I saw him. I knew he was meant to be with us!

We changed his name to Rocky, he seems to respond to it. Every time you say “Rocky”, he wags his tail! He’s such a sweetheart! He’s been adjusting well and is comfortable in his new home. Sadie really likes being around him, and tries to get him to play. They’ve only played once, but they seem to enjoy each other’s company. I love him so much!!

If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have him… thank you! thank you! thank you! Words can’t express the appreciation I have for you… thank you!

Abby – Everything You Could Want in a Dog

When we decided to go for it and get a dog, we knew it would be a rescue dog. We wanted a medium sized dog that got along with cats since we had two of them. We found Abby and were able to have her for a week to see if it would work out before making our final decision. We were told she was scheduled to be put down but was sent to a foster home to give her more time to be adopted. She was only there a week when we inquired about her. By the second day we knew we would keep her! She is everything you could want in a dog–friendly, well-behaved, does not chase the cats, enthusiastic and loves walking, which is perfect for us. She loves riding in the car and going places with us. We are so happy to have her in our family now. She has joined the blogsphere at http://karen.pnn.com (the Abby–Woof! Woof! tab). She fit right in to our family very quickly. It would have been a real tragedy if this wonderful dog had been euthanized.
Canine Lifeline Dog Writes a Book!
“Abby Finds a Good Home!” is a book written by and about Abby, one of our former dogs! Well, okay Abby can’t actually write, so credit must be given to her “Mom” Karen Zemek for penning this wonderful tail! But Abby was the major contributor to this work of bark! A big thank you goes to Karen and Gerard for sharing this with us and taking the time to chronicle her life. If you would like to preview the book please click on the image at right. If you would like to purchase a copy please click here: Buy “Abby Finds a Good Home!”

Bowser’s Our Best Friend

We adopted Bowser (also called Petey) in August of this year and he really has become an essential part of our family. He is just like a little puppy and loves to play ball, run after a frisbee, or take a long walk. He moved in with our family of 4 and mixed in perfectly with our 2 cats; Mario and Zelda.

I was amazed that he was already potty trained! This saved us so much work and so many messes. He also was already neutered and new tricks like sit, stay, stand, and roll over. My wife is currently teaching him to dance while standing up and I have taught him to fetch the newspaper and tear it to shreds.

We would love to thank Lynn who made the adoption process so easy on us and even supplied us with some beginner dog items to get us started. I could not imagine ever having a better dog and friend. My kids just smile every time they walk in the house now. Thank you Lynn and God Bless you for all your work.

– The Rogers Family

Rescued Dog to the Rescue!

At the beginning of October, I began looking for another canine to add to my family. I wanted a young German Shepherd but not a puppy. So, I began perusing the web in hopes of finding that special one. After some ups and down I discovered Nitro. Wow! I was excited and my hopes were high that he was still available. So, I contacted his foster mom. Boy, did she make my day!

I made arrangements to meet him and introduce him to my other two dogs, Cadeau a yellow lab that is a certified Search and Rescue dog and Romeo, a Bishon Frize that thinks he is as big as Nitro and Cadeau. That perfectly wonderful Sunday got even better because Nitro was joining our family. He is very smart and learns quickly. He loves to be loved and constantly is by my side and very quickly adjusted to our family routine. He is in an obedience class and that is one of the stepping stones leading to Search and Rescue. That is what I am hoping to achieve with Nitro, a certified Search and Rescue Dog.


Barley is a Heartworm Survivor!

Barley has adjusted totally to being part of our household. She has met each of our kids and spent a recent weekend with our two-year-old granddaughter. She was super with the baby — playing ball, tug of war and letting Avery climb all over her. Avery enjoyed giving her commands and watching Barley actually do what she was told! It was a hoot to watch. My son, who is not a strong dog person, wanted to know if they could keep Barley and I could go find another dog. Fat chance!

She is no longer using the crate at all — she never did really care much for it. She has had total run of the house and no incidents (except for a little bit of kitchen counter surfing). Joan has allowed her to be on the couch in the living room and that’s where she sleeps and hangs out when we are not around.
The “fear reaction” to new people has stopped as well. Now she rolls over on her back and looks for a belly rub 30 seconds after meeting someone new. Maybe she just needed time to adjust and to feel secure to get over it. In any case, she seems to have moved through that stage and we couldn’t be happier about it.

She’s learning yard boundaries fairly well. I play fetch with her in the front yard off the lead and she has only bolted after squirrels a couple times. She is also a pleasure to walk. Several trips to the dog park have been fun. She has a real nice personality with other dogs and owners. I’m starting to teach her to catch a frisbee.
All in all, she has turned out to be a great find for us. After just one month, we can’t imagine what it would be like to not have her around. Thanks again for the work you do Barb and especially for bringing Barley our way!

– Brian & Joan