Happy Tails

We love hearing about our former Canine Lifeline kids! Below are stories from some of our previous adopters. If you would like to submit your Canine Lifeline adoption story, then please visit the "Submit A Happy Tail" section of our website.


Sweet Ollie

Ollie (formerly Zoom) has been a part of our family since December 2012, and he’s added lots of love, laughter, and fuzzy cuddles to our lives. He’s got the sweetest disposition you could ever ask for in a dog, but he also “protects” the house, watches over the kids, and keeps the cats in check!

Ollie spends his days playing with his sister, Teeka, chasing squirrels in the backyard and getting belly rubs (his favorite!). He loves to be with his family, helps drive the kids to school & back every day during the school year & vacations with us in the summer. Last year we discovered Ollie loves to lay in tide pools at the beach!

So many amazing dogs out there that need loving homes…we are so happy to have been able to give Ollie a loving home, but he’s given us much more in becoming part of our family!


Take a Chance on Me!


I recently adopted Benjamin and he is loving his new life with his “sibs” Pete and Bella. Although I’ve adopted many pups over the years, I learned a new lesson this time. When I initially met Benjamin, my first thought was something like “Wow! Here’s a challenge!” I’m not sure if that was my exact thought because he was barking non-stop, so loudly that I couldn’t hear myself think. And he happens to have the kind of bark that sounds like someone is stepping on him with a stiletto. I did not take Benjamin home with me that day. But I couldn’t stop thinking about him. And what I thought about was this: he has good reasons for barking. After all, how do we humans get our needs met? We ask for what we need and at times, when we feel anxious or afraid or like we are not being heard, we might talk too much or even yell. But that’s not (hopefully) how we always behave, right? Because when we do get our needs met, when we feel safe and loved and “at home”, we relax. We can then be our best selves, our true selves, because all is well. And so it is with dogs.


I went back to get Benjamin; I took him home and he stopped barking. As it turns out, Benjamin is pure joy! He is sweet, silly, affectionate, playful and happy. His best self, his true self, was not apparent to me as a potential adopter because his behavior was (dare I say it?) obnoxious when I first met him. Thankfully I was able to look past that, to give him a chance. My new little boy has adjusted beautifully to his new home and family. That obnoxious behavior is totally gone because there’s nothing to yell about. Benjamin finally has everything he needs; he now feels safe and loved and at home. I am so happy that I listened, that I was able to hear what he was yelling about. I truly hope that anyone looking to adopt a pup finds a way to look past a “problem behavior” to see an awesome dog who is simply trying to get his needs met.


Ziggy’s 2 Year Gotcha Anniversary

Two years ago today, we brought home the sweetest dog we know! Ziggy makes us smile every day and we are so very grateful to Canine Lifeline, Inc. for rescuing him and for everything that they do! We love you Ziggy!

Nathan and Jen Oshaben



Doogie doing rallyDoogie was not at all the type of dog I thought I was seeking, but guess he knew he was the dog that I needed. He’s the most humorous, loving, and joyful dog I’ve ever known. We’ve had such a fun year doing all sorts of new things–he passed his Canine Good Citizen test last spring, in the fall he passed his evaluation to be registered as a Delta Pet Partners therapy dog, and recently he earned his first title in rally obedience. Doogie is sort of the Will Rogers of the canine world and seems to make new friends wherever he goes. Thank you to all the folks at Canine Lifeline for bringing us together!!!


Where did the time go?

On March 30th, we celebrate our first year with Mylo and Moxie. What a year it has been! There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t comment how lucky WE are to find such great pups. We get so many compliments when we go for a walk. They have a spirit about them that one can’t help but fall in love with them. Moxie enjoys walks in the woods (she never seems to tire), chasing most anything smaller than she is and cuddling. Mylo enjoys walks in the woods, long petting sessions and good long naps. They are still inseparable, but they’ve let us share in their lives; a joy for us that is endless!