Irving Von Ruffy (formerly just Ruffy) was adopted back in 2012 as a 6 month old pup that had a super high energy level. He and I both needed a little bit of training in order to make sure that it was a happy home, but with a bit of work, we turned out to be the best of friends and totally inseparable! Irving loves to take me for walks and runs. Last year, we logged over 900 miles together. We’ll run anywhere from 2 to 6 miles together at a time. Most of the time, keeping a 7:30/mi or better pace! When the weather gets cold or damp, the treadmill gets some miles from the both of us even.

Irving has taught me more about life and caring more than I think that I could have ever learned on my own. He truly is my best friend and has gotten me involved with a number of activities that I may not have done otherwise. We are happy guys!