She Rescued Us

Gigi is a ham and sticks her tongue out!Gigi (formerly known as Misty), has given us laughter, love and kisses. She is the sweetest dog we have ever met! From what we know, she came from a shelter in Kentucky and was underweight and neglected. We’ve been working with her on a leash and around other four-legged creatures and she gets better and better every day. Now, she not only has a warm, dry and safe home, but she gets two and sometimes even three walks a day and she gets to come out on our boat every weekend. When we to out to eat, my husband orders based on what he thinks Gigi would like to eat as leftovers in her food. To say she is spoiled is an understatement. We even carpeted our steps so that she would feel more comfortable on them. We look forward to the cold Cleveland winter so that Gigi can enjoy our wood burning fireplace. She has given us more than we could ever give in return. God bless the volunteers at Canine Lifetline for saving this beautiful girl’s life.