Sweet Ollie

Ollie (formerly Zoom) has been a part of our family since December 2012, and he’s added lots of love, laughter, and fuzzy cuddles to our lives. He’s got the sweetest disposition you could ever ask for in a dog, but he also “protects” the house, watches over the kids, and keeps the cats in check!

Ollie spends his days playing with his sister, Teeka, chasing squirrels in the backyard and getting belly rubs (his favorite!). He loves to be with his family, helps drive the kids to school & back every day during the school year & vacations with us in the summer. Last year we discovered Ollie loves to lay in tide pools at the beach!

So many amazing dogs out there that need loving homes…we are so happy to have been able to give Ollie a loving home, but he’s given us much more in becoming part of our family!