Three’s company

“A long, long time ago…I can still remember when…” our lives were lacking in wet noses and hair covering furniture and everything else…
… First, Daisy joined our lives, a little brown dog– full of energy and the apple of her daddy’s eye. Then, I got married and moved away. After a few months, it was time for a mutt- addition. Lucca joined– a shy, little black dog. AKA the bear, she is the sweetest thing, and always trailing around and keeping company. She and Daisy are best buddies!… since that wasn’t enough, we added a third to the pack. Santo brought his boyish charm– a blonde “Robert Redford” of dogs, he plays the “cute” card a lot…. All three pups are great friends and enjoy walks, playing and people company at family BBQs… Our lives will never be the same! Thanks, Canine Lifeline!
P.S. It is very difficult to get a photo of THREE dogs looking at the camera at the same time!