What’s in a name?

My husband & I, along with our now 7 year old black lab certified therapy dog, Griff, welcomed Gracie, a Gr. Pyrenees/Lab mix into our family May 26, 2013. Gracie was about 1 year old at the time we adopted her. I had mentioned to my husband I hoped to train another therapy dog for visitations, & would like her name to be “Grace” or “Gracie”. The day I saw her beautiful face & brown eyes with the name “Gracie” on the Canine Lifeline website, I felt she was the “one”.

In a year’s time, Gracie & I have completed Basic, Intermediate, Intermediate 2, Intermediate Advanced, & Advanced Traveling Obedience classes. Our class instructor believes Gracie is ready for the Therapy Obedience class next spring. To be honest, it took about six months for Gracie to settle in. Now she acts likes she’s always been a part of our family &
her tail regularly wags with joy.