Gabe the “swishing” dog!

I adopted Gabe (formerly Sherlock) at the end of March, in 2013; hard to believe that was 4 years ago now! People remark about Gabe’s blue eyes, but I adopted Gabe because when I was walking him outside the Petco, he trotted up to a man & his son, who both squatted down on their heels, & Gabe immediately licked their face & wagged his tail, which made them both break into huge grins; so I adopted Gabe because I could see that he loved people & that he loved making people smile; his blue eyes just came as part of the package, kind of like getting a moon roof or heated front seats w/the car you just bought. Gabe loves romps in local gamelands, in western PA; he especially loves to “swish” his rump in the cold creeks after running hard along the trail. I love Gabe so much & I am so thankful that Canine Lifeline rescued him & let me adopt him!