Canine Lifeline, Inc - Final Statement

Canine Lifeline, Inc. wishes to express its sincere appreciation to all of the amazing people who have facilitated our all-volunteer organization in saving thousands of rescue dogs and placing them in homes with wonderful, loving adopters. We have been blessed with great volunteers, foster families and adopters, as well as so many supporters, partners, donors, friends and communities who have made our work possible over the years.

We do wish to urge anyone who loves animals to provide much-needed financial support to the many great shelters and rescue organizations that are continuing their efforts to save the animals. That support is critical and is always very much appreciated.

While our rescue work has ended, the pet overpopulation problem continues, so we encourage everyone to please consider adopting homeless dogs (and cats) who so desperately need good homes where they will finally know what it is to be truly LOVED.

Thank you.