Meet Laurie, an adorable 2 year-old Beagle girl with a typical sweet and loving Beagle disposition. Unfortunately, she tested positive for heartworms at a county dog shelter that doesn’t have the resources to treat her. She made the trip to Canine Lifeline to get the lifesaving treatment that she needs. Laurie started her two-month long heartworm treatment the week of November 28. After two months of cage rest and limited activity, she is now ready to find her forever home.

Laurie is an absolute delight to be around! She eagerly wants affection from her humans, but is a little reserved when meeting strangers. She does warm up quickly however. In typical Beagle fashion, she likes having her nose to the ground and investigating everything.

She is super food motivated. When you combine that with her keen sense of smell, kitchen trash cans have been known to be knocked over. She is eager to please, so her new owner can put her love of food to good use in obedience training.

Laurie seems to be house-trained, but as with any new dog, you should anticipate an accident here and there as they get acclimated to the new routine. She’s living with 3 other dogs in her foster home and gets along just fine with all of them. Her foster home also has two cats that she’s curious about. When they’re standing still she’ll sniff them and if they hiss she backs away. Having said that, when the cats are in motion, she wants to chase them.

Laurie weighs about 30 pounds and her adoption fee is $200. She’s spayed, current on monthly heartworm preventative, up to date on vaccinations, wormed, on flea preventative, and microchipped. All Canine Lifeline adoptions come with a two-week trial period to make sure it’s a great match before the adoption is finalized. Please email if you’re interested in Laurie. An approved application is required before we set up meets with any of our dogs.

All our dogs come to us from county dog pounds so we have no history on them. We also have no foster homes with young children so aren’t comfortable placing any of them in a home with children less than 4-5 years of age. We try to respond to inquiries within 24-48 hours so if you haven’t heard from us within that time frame, please check your junk-mail or spam folder to make sure our reply hasn’t landed in there.

The cost of Laurie’s heartworm treatment was around $550. If you’d like to make a tax-deductible donation to help defray these costs so that we can save another dog in the future, please do so on our website at, or by sending a check to Canine Lifeline, PO Box 25742, Garfield Hts OH 44125. Thank you from Laurie and Canine Lifeline!


Heartworms are spread by mosquitoes so all dogs are at risk–even those who live primarily indoors. The disease is prevalent in Northeast OH. Coyotes and foxes can also get heartworms which is partly why the disease is becoming much more prevalent in Northeast Ohio. If a mosquito bites a heartworm positive dog or coyote and then bites your dog, your dog will have adult heartworms living in the heart and circulatory system within 6 months. Treatment to kill the worms is costly, very tough on the dog, and not all dogs will survive the treatment. Without treatment, a dog will die a slow and painful death from heart failure. Fortunately, it is easily prevented with a prescription medication from a veterinarian. You can find more information about this deadly disease at the link below.