Mended Mutts

All of the dogs that come to Canine Lifeline are very dear to us but we have a special fondness for those we affectionately call our “mended mutts”. These are dogs who come to us with medical issues that make their chances of adoption at a shelter or dog pound very slim. While their medical needs may differ: some have heartworms, others need surgery to repair broken bones or dislocated hips, while still others have painful skin conditions…they all share a spirit and will to live that make it a joy and privilege to help them. To see the sparkle in their eyes and spring in their step when they are on the mend is priceless! We can’t help them though without support from caring people like you. Please consider making a donation to help our very special “mended mutts” have a second chance at a happy life. If you would like information about the dogs shown below, just click on their picture. Thank you!


Brie is hands-down one of the nicest dogs we’ve ever met! She’s a Catahoula mix who’s about 7 years-old but with her joyful nature and zest for life, you’d guess she was much younger. Brie came into a local shelter from a hoarding situation with many other dogs, all of them in poor condition. In addition to being emaciated and pregnant with what must have been her umpteenth litter, Brie also had an old injury to her right front leg ...
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You’d be hard-pressed to find a friendlier little guy than Barney, our 3 year-old Chihuahua mix. This little gentleman arrived at Canine Lifeline in late September from an overcrowded county dog shelter. Immediately upon arrival, we noticed that his back legs seemed to make him very uncomfortable. Our vet diagnosed double luxating patellas (floating knee caps). This condition is fairly common in small breed dogs and can often be managed by maintaining a healthy weight so too much pressure is ...
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Update 2-14-14: Brownie collapsed and died this morning from a pulmonary embolism as a result of heartworm disease. He had immiticide injections on Jan 15-16 to kill the adult worms and had struggled to recover since then. He had good days and bad days but after a rough week, he just couldn’t fight any longer. Brownie was the most gentle, sweet, and loving 5 year-old Chocolate Lab. It's absolutely heartbreaking to watch a dog go through this when the disease is ...
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