Montie & Winston

We adopted Winston in Dec. 2016; hard to believe its been almost 6 months already. We were going to change his name, but after witnessing his lazy personality and friendly old man behavior we thought Winston was just perfect.

He was a little slow to warm up to his sister but now the 2 are inseparable. They sleep on beds right next to each other every night, and when Winston isn’t asleep (which is often) he is wrestling and playing with his little sister Montie. They enjoy their long walks together every morning and keep each other company all day when mom and dad are at work.

He has been such a sweetheart, and is a true ham: you can’t pet him without him leaning into you with all his weight. He wants to make sure you hit all the good scratch spots.

We are still working on a few quirks, but he has been a tremendous dog and a great companion to our 1 year old Berner. So happy to have him.