My best friend!

Cici (formerly Bella) is just the best! She is everything I ever wanted in a canine companion and she fit right in our little family perfectly. It did not take long for her to feel at home and start playing with toys and playing with her new fur brother Buddy. She absolutely adores her big brother Buddy, she follows him around, likes to lay by him (or on him) and she loves to play with him; they chase each other and will run laps around the house both inside and outside and they also love to play tug of war together! Buddy enjoys having another dog to play with too, he was our only dog for 4 years but has adjusted very well and has been great at sharing his toys and his parents with Cici. Cici is sweet and spunky and she is very cuddly, she follows me around everywhere and sleeps next to me every night. I couldn’t imagine life without her! Thank you Canine Lifeline!!