My Blue-Eyed Blessing

I adopted Gabe (formerly Sherlock) on March 28, 2013; like all rescue dogs, Gabe is a precious soul but he is especially precious to me; Gabe is my blue-eyed blessing: he is gentle & affectionate, friendly w/people & other animals; loves to explore off leash in local PA gamelands, but also walks nicely on a leash in town; in the car he has a habit of leaning forward from the cargo area & gently resting his head against my face; I love Gabe because he loves me & just wants to be close by. This summer Gabe & I will be taking a 2nd “life manners” dog class, not because Gabe needs more manners training but because I have 4 other dogs and I just want to share some special one-on-one time w/Gabe. Many thanks to Barb & her dedicated volunteers for approving me for Gabe & for their tireless efforts to save so many wonderful, deserving dogs.