Our Callie Companion

My family and I adopted “Bunny” (her name is now Callie) back in May 2017 and she is a complete blessing to our home. Her eager-to-please attitude and big heart have made us completely fall in love with her, and we are so grateful to have found her through Canine Lifeline.

I work at an advertising agency where we are dog-friendly, so Callie absolutely loves coming to work with me multiple times a week (see picture). She is very outgoing and is an agency favorite among people and other dogs.

She is so affectionate, smart, and sweet and I can’t imagine my life without her. She brings joy to me, my family, and every person she meets. Callie has integrated flawlessly into our home and our lives. I want to give the biggest thank you to Canine Lifeline for bringing my family and Callie together, she is truly one of a kind!

Thank you for all you do for dogs and people everywhere.

Carly Sado and family