Our rescue is a magical miracle

Shelby is now Serena and has proven to be possibly the best dog I’ve ever owned. She has excellent manners and adjusted with ease to everything and everyone. We love her! I’ve attached a photo of Serena on the left with a photo of our first dog Ashley. Serena’s markings are hauntingly copies of Ashley’s and it’s enough to make me believe in reincarnation. The adjustment would suggest the same conclusion.

I credit Canine Lifeline for giving her a wonderful transition in foster care. Bless you and the volunteers at for saving such a wonderful dog. The thought that she might of have otherwise been destroyed in KY just breaks my heart. Somebody out there must be missing her, however I’m glad we are her forever home. I’ve already started her training for certification as a therapy dog because her personality is ideal.

I am telling lots of people about the work you do. Keep it going!