Peaches is shy but very sweet 9 month-old Mountain Cur mix female who was surrendered to an overcrowded county dog shelter along with her sister Zippy and brother Casey. All three were very frightened at the shelter so the staff reached out to us for help with this little family. The trio made the trip to Canine Lifeline so they could relax in a foster home while searching for permanent new homes. Peaches was the shyest of the siblings and was very wary of contact with people when she first arrived. We don’t know whether she had every been mistreated in the past but she was very head shy and fearful of having a leash slipped over her head. She was never aggressive but clearly not trusting of our intentions at first. Now that she’s been with us for a few weeks, Peaches is much more relaxed and seems like a very different dog. She’s gained a lot of confidence and will let us leash her and take her for a walk without cowering and crawling on the ground. We’ve found that Peaches is very attached to her sister Zippy and is much more comfortable and confident around people when she has Zippy to rely on. For that reason, we do want to place the two sisters together. They love curling up for a nap next to each other and also enjoy wrestling and tugging toys together. Peaches and Zippy need a home in a quiet neighborhood with a yard that has a secure aboveground fence. They would be very frightened by the hustle and bustle of a busy urban or crowded suburban area. Peaches has excellent crate manners so once she’s comfortable in her new home, should soon pick up the housetraining routine along with help from her sister Zippy. We can’t wait to see both of these girls living their best life as treasured members of their new family. Peaches weighs about 36 pounds and her adoption fee is $325. She’s spayed, heartworm negative and on monthly preventative, up to date on vaccinations including bivalent canine influenza, wormed, on flea and tick preventative, and microchipped. As part of the adoption process, all adopters must commit to a two-week adjustment period to make sure it’s a great match before the adoption is finalized. Please email if you’re interested in Peaches and her sister Zippy. An approved application is required before we schedule meets with any of our dogs. Please note that we don’t place our dogs in homes with children under 7 years of age. We correspond via email so please check your junkmail or spam folder to make sure our reply hasn’t landed in there.