Peyton is a very special puppy–your heart really goes out to this little girl. She’s a 9 week old Catahoula mix pup, born on August 15, who appears to be blind. We’re not sure if she has any vision at all but her behavior suggests that she may be able to see shadows at least. Her vision impairment certainly doesn’t seem to pose much of a limitation for her though as she does a remarkable job of keeping up with her littermates and doing everything they do. When watching her interact with them, it doesn’t immediately occur to people that she can’t see well if at all. Her mom Brie came to us from a shelter about a week before she gave birth to Peyton and her siblings. Brie, who looks most like a Catahoula, was from a hoarding situation where she lived with many other dogs. We don’t know who the father of the pups is but perhaps he was a Lab mix as two of Brie’s pups, Pumpkin and Pilgrim, look very much like Black Labs. Brie and her pups have been enjoying life in a foster home. She was an excellent mom and now the pups are eager to find families of their very own. Given her vision impairment, Peyton is going to need a home with another dog who she can follow and bond with as well as a yard with a secure aboveground physical fence. She will also need a home without a lot of stairs so she can navigate easily. Peyton loves to play with toys, her littermates, and enjoys being held and cuddled by her human friends. She met a kitty recently and tried to play with her as well. Peyton is NOT yet housetrained so will need a family who is able to let her outside every couple of hours or so during the day as she works on that. Peyton cannot be left alone for long workdays and needs a family who has plenty of time to spend with her. We know that there is a special person or family out there who can provide a wonderful home for this sweet puppy and allow her to experience a full life in spite of her limitations. Peyton will amaze you with her loving and gentle spirit and we can’t wait to see her enjoying a family of her very own. Peyton weighs about 12 pounds currently and we expect she will be 60+ pounds once full-grown. Her adoption fee is $250. She’s spayed, on monthly heartworm preventative, up to date on vaccinations including bivalent canine influenza, wormed, on flea and tick preventative, and microchipped. All Canine Lifeline adoptions come with a two-week adjustment period to make sure it’s a great match before the adoption is finalized. Please email if you’re interested in Peyton. An approved application is required before we schedule meets with any of our dogs. Please note that we don’t place our dogs in homes with children less than 7 years of age. We correspond via email so please check your junkmail or spam folder to make sure our reply hasn’t landed in there.