Polly is a phenomenal 3 year-old Boxer/American Bulldog mix with a heart of gold and a zest for life which is truly remarkable given the life she led before coming to Canine Lifeline. As odd as it may sound, her lucky break came the day her owner surrendered her to a county dog shelter back in late July. Polly arrived at the shelter in miserable condition with red itchy skin and hair loss from head to toe due to an untreated skin infection. Not 30 seconds would go by that she wasn’t scratching and biting at her skin. She had also had many litters of puppies and had probably finished nursing a litter shortly before she was surrendered. When the shelter reached out to us for help with her, we didn’t hesitate and Polly made the trip to Canine Lifeline so she could get the medical attention that she needed. The day she arrived, we were all appalled at the horrible physical condition she was in but were immediately impressed with her sweet and loving demeanor which she exhibited toward all people and other dogs. Her skin condition was quickly under control with several oral medications as well as medicated baths every other day for several weeks to soothe and heal her itchy skin. Polly knew from the get-go that we were there to help her and the look of contentment on her face as she received her medicated baths was priceless. Unfortunately, and not surprisingly given that she had been completely neglected by her previous owner, Polly tested positive for heartworms upon her arrival. Once her skin had healed sufficiently, Polly started her lifesaving heartworm treatment. She made it through her treatment with no complications and is finally ready to make a fresh start with a new family. The hardest part for Polly during her two-month recuperation was having to stay quiet as the worms were dying as now that she felt SO much better, she was ready to have fun. We cannot stress enough how wonderful this dog is! Polly LOVES other dogs and enjoys playing chase and wrestling with her canine buddies now that she has more freedom to do so. We have never seen her lose her temper with another dog. While she showed the camera her serious, regal side, Polly is a real clown which doesn’t come through in her photos. This girl usually has a big smile on her face and greets her human friends with a full body wag and lots of hugs. She’s a real character who loves doing zoomies and being as silly as she can possibly be, which likely comes from the Boxer side of the family! Polly is crate-trained, and while she likely lived outside her whole life before coming to us, is a smart girl and is sure to pick up the house rules quickly in her new home. We would love for her to have a playful canine buddy in her new home along with a yard with a secure aboveground fence so she can safely do zoomies to her heart’s content. It has been a true delight to help this girl and we will be so thrilled to see her become the treasured family member she deserves to be. Polly weighs about 45 pounds and her adoption fee is $325. She’s spayed, on monthly heartworm preventative, up to date on vaccinations including bivalent canine influenza, wormed, on flea and tick preventative, and microchipped. As part of the adoption process, all adopters must commit to a two-week adjustment period to make sure it’s a great match before the adoption is finalized. Please email info@caninelifeline.org if you’re interested in Polly. An approved application is required before we schedule meets with any of our dogs. Please note that we don’t place our dogs in homes with children under 7 years of age. We correspond via email so please check your junkmail or spam folder to make sure our reply hasn’t landed in there. Polly’s heartworm treatment cost about $750 so if you’d like to make a donation to help with her medical expenses, you may make an online donation on our website at www.caninelifeline.org or send a check to Canine Lifeline, PO Box 25742, Garfield Hts OH 44125. Thank you from Polly and Canine Lifeline!

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