Pugsley, Home at Last!

Hi there! My husband and I adopted Pugsley from Canine Lifeline on March 4, 2018 (his new birthday) and he is the sweetest little dog. His name was Pugsley there and we kept it. Yes, he has some issues mixed into that sweetness, but we are working with that. One has to understand we don’t know the life content of his first 4-5 years. Some things we can detect from behavior, the other is the unknown one gets from taking a dog out of harms way and giving him an unconditional loving home. We were hoping to make the picnic, but already had other plans when we got the invite. Please feel free to post this if you have a board at the picnic. He has an awfully good wagging tail and his eyes are to melt for. Thank you for helping us find our little Pugsley.
Leslie & Kevin Engelmeier