Reese our little Bearded Lady

Four years ago on November 11, 2015 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. On top of that, I had just lost our second greyhound, Treble, and really missed her. I was home a lot during my treatment, and I was scrolling through dogs…I cannot stand not having a house without a dog. At any rate, my husband caught me looking. I told him , “please don’t let the girls know, but I really want to get another dog…preferably another greyhound.” Well at any rate he let the “cat” out of the bag. Our girls were so excited that I was looking for another dog…but, they really wanted a smaller dog. We started looking….and we decided on looking for a little terrier. Well, I found Canine Lifeline….and sent a message exactly what we were looking for. Within a week I received a picture of our little bearded lady….and I will never forget my husband saying to me when he saw her first picture….”she looks really smart.” Well, it has been almost four years since we adopted her in January 2016 and we love her so much. Reese was an important part of my recovery, and I always think of her as a comfort. I remember being so exhausted from chemo…and she would just curl up next to me on the couch and sleep with me. It was such a great match. Not only that, my younger daughter is special needs, and this dog is so good to her. Such a sweet, intelligent little girl. We love her so much….Reese loves car rides, walks in the woods, playing with her toys, and snuggling. Who could ask for anything more? Thank you canine life line for finding such a furry little angel to bless our home….