Sasha a.k.a. Emma

As 2017 races by us we reflect on how nine months ago, we met a sweet little 1yr black and white Border Collie/Labrador mix named Sasha, who would become known as Emma. From that first day we met her at Longwood Park in Macedonia, OH when she wouldn’t get in our car to go home to just this past weekend when she took her first swim in Lake Erie, these past nine months have been filled with struggles, learning moments for us all, but most importantly a happy, loving pup. She enjoys her endless mountain of toys, her favorites being a stuffed Yoda and an extremely squeaky pink flamingo. She enjoys her nightly Beggin’ Strips, cuddles with mommy and daddy and smacking her tail against everything in the morning to wake us up for her morning tinkle. To say that Emma has been a blessing is a tremendous understatement. She’s a perfect puppy, well mannered and extremely affectionate. We can’t thank Canine Lifeline enough for bringing this little fur baby into our lives and we look forward to more updates in the future on Emma and hopefully a little brother or sister.