The,love,of a lab

We adopted Morgan from you on 8-22-15. We recently had a tumor removed from her neck and the results came back today concluding it was skin cancer. She has 6 months to live as per the doctor, but I believe in miracles and have faith she’ll be with us much longer. We got her as a companion for our Chachi, who is now 15 and he was also a rescue from a co-worker who I saw his picture and had to have in 2005. The two of them never once argued over food, toys, or loving from their people. He was older and she brought the life back into him from the day we brought Morgan home. If people had the love and affection that these 2 fur babies have the world would be in sync, Chachi is very sick too now which hurts real bad, it started the 2nd day we brought Morgan home from her operation and was crate bound to heal her massive stitches in her neck. I am sad to say my babies are not in 100% health, but the tears brought to my eyes right now are from the love they have for each other for the last 3 years, not the struggles we’re facing now with their health. If anyone says a dog can’t love, I could surely tell them my babies loved each other and their people with all their hearts all their lives.