This was meant to be

Ollie, AKA “Orson” was rescued by Canine Lifeline from Grant County Animal Shelter in Grant County, KY in the spring of 2013. We just lost our cock-a-poo (Zoe) and our 20 year old calico kitty (Pumpkin) within two weeks of each other. My husband and I were dropping off our daughter at Panera in Crestview Hills, where we came across a caravan of 8-10 transport cars, trucks, vans, dogs and people! Ollie was loaded up in his crate on the way to Canine Lifeline! My husband Howard asked to see him, we fell in love!! We inquired as to where he was going, filed our app and in a couple of weeks, drove to Cleveland to pick him up! It just so happened that my Aunts birthday party was that weekend in Cleveland, Ollie was allowed to attend and he was showered with love!!
Another crazy aside, on Sunday morning, I drove with Ollie directly to my daughter’s soccer game in Dayton. One of her team mates Mother asked me if this was Orson!! Coincidentally, she was a volunteer with the transport group and had housed him overnight on Friday night before being transported on Saturday from Crestview Hills! Wow!

It took him about 6 months to reveal his true loving nature and come out of his depression. He had horrible crate anxiety as well. You just never know the extent of the damage, every day is a learning experience with a rescue dog.

Today, Ollie and Simon (resident cockapoo, aka Biggie and Smalls), are best friends and we couldn’t imagine our lives without them. As a result of my experience with CL, I now transport, foster and volunteer at events for a local group called S.A.A.P.. I now know first hand, the dedication, frustration and hard work it takes to be involved rescue. The rewards are great, thanks to all who contribute!