Zachary (aka Phoenix) has bonded

We adopted Zack (aka Phoenix) from Canine Lifeline just before Christmas. His favorite person is our adult daughter, but he also loves us very much. He has truly bonded with our family and with a number of our friends. Your original write up talked about him being affectionate. So accurate! He is unusually affectionate for a Peke. He is very bright, and has learned the commands — that he wants to learn!!! There are things he doesn’t like: deer, wild turkeys, crows, vacuums, trucks, and other loud vehicles. He is also wary of large men, but is calming down about that substantially. So, we will continue to do training for two reasons: he needs to be calmer outside for sure; and he seems to even enjoy the basic training sessions. So again, thank you so much for letting us adopt this terrific dog. We think he is doing very well.